Introduction of Bluetooth Code Meter and Dialing Products

Bluetooth wireless connection, simple installation, can replace mobile phone operation

Lu Bu Bluetooth code table dialing

BTC02 series

Bluetooth wireless connection / 1200mAh Li-ion battery / 360 days standby / 100 hours of continuous work

Yunlun is a good companion, making it easier with fingertips

Can be used instead of mobile phones, ride data at a glance, wireless connection, simple but not simple

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Adjustment assistance
  • Ride data
  • Dial the throttle pedal

Code table interface description

Riding at night at a glance

The digital tube screen is equipped with LED lights, which can be displayed clearly regardless of day and night

Short press the power button twice, the backlight is always on.
Short press twice to turn off the backlight

Physical button, integrated waterproof

Seamless integrated waterproof design, worry-free riding on rainy days

USB charging

There is a micro usb charging port at the bottom, plug in a universal USB adapter to quickly charge

Product parameters