BY Series Introduction

Traditional kettle design, simple installation, beautiful and compact

Lvbu Wheel BY series

The kettle design is beautiful and compact, and has good privacy

Power-assisted battery life 60KM / wired dialing + wireless Bluetooth code table dialing
APP control / anti-theft tracking / intelligent micro power system

  • 5minutes

    Fast installation

  • 16-29inch

    Various wheel

  • 5model

    Smart assist mode

  • 35km/h

    Maximum speed

  • 250w

    Brushless Direct
    Current Motor

  • 3drive

    Cadence Automatic Manual

Could you guess who the e-bike is?

Unique kettle design, strong concealment, guess who is the motorcycle

In just 2 steps, a bicycle becomes a smart electric bicycle

Lu Bu cloud wheel BY series can be quickly installed on your bicycle. You only need to remove the original front wheel, replace our cloud wheel, and install the kettle battery.
No need to change any original line of the bicycle, quick disassembly and replacement are more convenient

  • Step 1: Take out the original wheel
    Replacing the Lu Bu cloud wheel
  • Step 2: Install the kettle battery

12 - 29 inch wheel can be installed

Lvbu Wheel BX series provides 12inch,14inch, 16inch, 20inch, 24inch, 26inch, 27.5inch, 29inch, 700C and other rims of various specifications to meet the installation needs of most riders.

5 smart assist modes

The intelligent micro-power system, which has been developed for five years, continuously captures the vehicle's posture through many precision sensors equipped on the wheels Auto-sensing power assist, making cycling as smooth as running clouds and flowing water, and updating the system from time to time according to user feedback, satisfying the joy of cycling

  • Casual mode
  • Commuting mode
  • Exercise mode
  • Manual mode
  • Climbing mode

Self-developed APP just to give you the best experience

You can use the mobile phone APP to control the wheels, realize the firmware upgrade in the air, adjust the assist mode, Assist level, check speed, temperature, power, mileage, set gyroscope angle, Firmware repair, firmware upgrade, fault detection, etc.

Speed up to 40km/h

The default maximum speed is 25km/hour, and the speed limit can be increased to 40km/hour through APP to satisfy the thrill of pursuit of speed.
*According to some regional regulations, the speed of electric bicycles is not allowed to exceed 25km/hour. Increase the speed per hour and only allow test riding. Do not use it on official riding roads.

After the vehicle is stolen, you can register the loss and lock the vehicle

Anti-theft tracking function: Once the thief connects to the vehicle through the APP, it will be locked and unusable immediately. The buzzer will continue to alarm and immediately report the thief’s location and notify the thief to return the vehicle. The owner will find it easier

Speeding alarm, safer riding
The overspeed alarm value can be set through the APP

After the current speed is greater than the speeding alarm value, the vehicle will continue to emit didi didi alarms to continuously remind the speeding, making riding safer

IP65 waterproof rating

The waterproof rating is as high as IP65, allowing you to ride unimpededly even in rainy days

Many colors are available

The sense of science and technology is combined with the sense of fashion, the frosted paint is fully sprayed, and the card slot is seamlessly fitted, which is convenient and compact

250W high speed BLDC motor

Small size, light weight, high efficiency, smooth operation, long life
Planetary gear + clutch: no reluctance, even without electricity

Rated power
Maximum power

Work rate :         250W
Voltage :            36V
Structure :  gear drive
Efficiency :         >80%
Maximum torque :        30N.m

Wepower System

It took five years to concentrate on research and development
Combining with Lu Bu's intelligent power output algorithm to realize intelligent power assistance
Smart induction brake responds to the brake within 10ms, safe and reliable

Automatic boost

Automatically cut off motor

ARM Cortex-M3 main chip

With 6-axis gyroscope motion processing chip
Configure Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
6 pieces of high-sensitivity speed measuring magnets for precise speed measurement

Using 18650 power lithium battery

Automotive-grade power lithium-ion battery cell with internal resistance of only 18mΩ, capacity of 2900mA, 3C high-rate discharge compared with peer products, with higher consistency and greater energy density, fast charge and discharge performance of more than 1,000 charge and discharge, and 80% of the power. Service life 5-10 years

Adopt Taiwan high-performance and high-safety BMS battery protection system

  • Over discharge protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Battery Cell balance

Easy and convenient battery extraction

Charging time: 3 hours
With a kettle-style design, it is compact and convenient to charge anytime, anywhere, and it can be charged with a USB port at any time. 20 iPhoneX phones

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