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Committed to providing better smart ebike solution

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Lvbu factory is committed to develop better smart ebike solution and provide intelligent high-end electric bicycle parts, involving three core systems of controller, motor and battery, for solving the problems of unintelligence, short battery life, poor riding experience, and unsafety.

Lvbu intelligent micro-power system equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, IOT took three years to develop, which can achieve intelligent assistance, cloud control , Online upgrade, motion track, remote anti-theft, cycling, making friends, and many other functions.And the riding experience is much better than the traditional control system after years nonstop testing. since the first product was launched, customers were impressed by favourable design, super simple installation and high quality details. Besides, compare with expensive torque sensor system, the price is very attractive.

Lvbu motor is improved and optimized on the basis of the existing motors in the market. Except beautiful appearance, it is waterproof, dustproof and long life. The inner rotor motor is light and compact,only 1.6 kg. Equipped with lithium-ion battery, which is energy saving, environmental protection, light weight , life is 3 to 5 times longer than traditional lead-acid battery, high discharge rate and fast charging. Besides, we used advanced BMS power management system, with the characteristics of over-discharge protection, over-charge protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection , Temperature protection and battery equalization. Super safe and reliable.

Lvbu factory has kept on researching, testing and developing since 2014, the products were officially sold in October 2016. The first batch of products was sold through JD crowdfunding for 1.59 million yuan RMB, and the second batch of products was sold through Taobao crowdfunding for 2.1 million yuan RMB. Now we has applied for more than 30 kinds of national patents, 6 pcs software copyrights , 7 pcs trademarks, and the number of patents and software copyrights are increasing every year.