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The company's products are positioned as intelligent high-end electric bicycle parts, involving three core systems of electronic control, motor and battery, and comprehensively solve the problems of unintelligence, short battery life, poor riding experience, and poor safety of existing electric bicycles.

Lü Bu's intelligent micro-power system was developed in three years, not only the riding experience is better than the traditional control system, but also can replace the expensive torque sensor system, equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, IOT Internet of things, can achieve intelligent assistance , Cloud control, online upgrade, motion track, remote anti-theft, cycling and making friends and many other functions, and simple installation, high quality, is the best choice for electric bicycle dealers and exporters.

Lü Bu motor is improved and optimized on the basis of the existing motor. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a long life of waterproof and dustproof. The inner rotor motor can reach 1.6 kg. It is lightweight and compact, which is deeply loved by users. Equipped with lithium-ion battery, energy saving, environmental protection, light weight, life span is 3 to 5 times that of traditional lead-acid battery, high discharge rate, fast charging, advanced BMS power management system, over discharge protection, over charge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection , Temperature protection, battery balance, to ensure that the battery is safe and reliable, foolproof.

The company began technical research and development in 2014. After more than two years of research and development, the products began to be officially sold in October 2016. The first batch of products was sold through JD crowdfunding for 1.59 million yuan, and the second batch of products was sold through Taobao crowdfunding for 2.1 million yuan. . Now the company has applied for more than 30 national patents, 6 soft works and 7 trademarks, and the number of patents and soft works is increasing every year.