• Ridza Junid

    Received the product earlier than expected.From the time I made the enquiry for purchase, during shipping and up to the installation I was always guided and received immediate replies from the sales personnel Miya L for any issues I had, any day any time. My special thanks to Miya L.I was guided step by step when I encountered problems during the installation right up to getting it resolved. Fantastic sales and after sales service. Highly recommended. Will definitely have repeat orders from me and always from my friends with the same interest.Great product great after sales service.

  • Jose Hoyos

    There are thousands of kits I can buy here in the U.K. but I want your ones because I use my bike every day with your kit on and really like the kit.

  • Howard B.

    After a 7 week wait for my order I was impressed with the quality packaging and comprehensive inclusion of every item & alternative you could need for fitting to your bike. Clive’s video was very well done and covered any pitfalls. After arranging the washers provided from one side to the other the hardest part was readjusting the cantilever V brakes on my vintage bike. I also benefited from YouTubes Solo Biker’s tips to use velcro ties on the front fork, route the cabling around the frame & under the crossbar to avoid bunched up cable, & lastly to go straight to the phone app rather than use the bluetooth controller. As a veteran rider I bought the kit to help with the many steep hills around where I cycle. I am still experimenting with the many programs and settings offered but already find that it is as good I hoped.

  • Thierry Pucci

    Great product, easy to use and simple to install, the best way to transform your bike to an E-Bike. If I may suggest, would be nice to add in the offer a Mobile phone support !

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