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Lvbu KX series All in One Ebike Kit

Without any cable, extremly CLEAN
Convert any bike to an ebike in minutes

Fully wireless / Smart Asssit system / High Efficient Output Arrangement /
Assist Range upto 90KM/ Induction cut off system / Built in Gyroscope /
Road Slope degrees detection / All Terrain Application / Anti-theft tracking

  • (optional)
  • (optional)
  • 3 minutes

    Fast installation

  • 16-29inch

    Multiple Rim Sizes

  • 5 modes

    Intelligent assist modes

  • 32km/hour

    Maximum speed

  • 250W

    High-speed Brushless motor

  • 2 drive ways

    Throttle / Pedal assist

Product Specification

    KX20S /KX30S
    Battery capacity
    36V5.8Ah / 36V8.7Ah
    Cell quantity
    20 cells / 30 cells
    Charging time
    3.0H / 4.5H
    Battery type
    18650 power lithium ion battery
    AC110V-AC220V, DC42V 2A
    Assist range
    60km / 90km

    *The assist range is under conditions: 60kg weight rider, ouside temperature 25C,no wind, 50% assist level under manual mode, tires with enough air pressure, riding on flat level road

    Maximum speed
    Rim size
    16" / 20" / 24" / 26" / 27.5" / 29" / 700C (28")
    Rated power
    Motor structure
    Gear drive
    Motor efficiency
    Max torque
    Hub dimensions
    Net weight (including rim&tire)
    7KG /7.5KG
    Package dimensions

Just 3 minutes, transform your bike into an ebike

KX series all in one wheel ebike kit does not have any cable or external sensors at all. It's a fully wireless ebike conversion kit. Just 1 step to convert: Replace the front wheel.


KX series can fit most of the bikes

It can fit Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Folding bikes, City bikes, Trikes and etc. It has rim sizes from 16" to 29" and 700C.

High quality 18650 lithium battery

EV lithium-ion battery cell with internal resistance as low as 18mΩ, capacity of 2900mA, 3C high-rate discharge. The 18650 power lithium battery offers consistency, high energy density, and faster charge/discharge performance. Tried and tested over time, 80% capacity remains after 1000 cycles, making this high-quality lithium battery’s lifetime more than 5 years.

Using high-performance and high-safety BMS battery protection system

  • Over-discharge protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Battery balance

250W high speed brushless permanent magnet motor

Compact size, light weight, high efficiency, stable operation, long life
Planetary gear and clutch: It's easy to ride even when the battery is dead.

Rated power
Maximum power

Power :  250W
Voltage : 36V
Structure :  Gear Drive
Efficiency :  >80%
Maximum torque :  30N.m

Closed all in one hub design
Easy Clean Simple

KX series integrates battery, motor, controller all into the hub. You can turn your bike into an ebike with everything hidden in the front wheel and keep the original design of your bike without any cable connections or accessories at all.

Micro power system

9 years of research and development has gone into creating a versatile and cost-effective product for cyclists. The micropower system offers intelligent assistance with induction brakes that have a response time of 10ms. The system can sense the speed, acceleration and road slope, it will help you automatically when you pedal.

Increase power automatically

Cut off power automatically

ARM Cortex-M3 main chip

With 6-axis gyroscope motion processing chip
Configure Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
10 pieces of high-sensitivity speed measuring magnets for precise speed measurement

5 smart assist modes

We have spent 9 years on developing and optimizing the assist system. The assist system is based on the speed, acceleration, the road slope, and also the assist level that you set in the APP or on the Bluetooth display, calculating out the power you need. It will assist you automatically when you pedal. And we will keep on optimizing the system and publishing it from time to time. You will be able to update the system via the APP.

  • Leisure mode
  • Commute mode
  • Exercise mode
  • Manual mode
  • Climbing mode

Dedicated APP provides you wonderful cycling experience

You can use the APP to control the wheels, upgrade the firmware, set the assist mode, set the assist level, calibrate the gyroscope angle, and detect the fault. And also you can check the speed, temperature, power, mileage, etc.

Anti-theft Tracking Function: Lost bike tracking. You can report lost when your bike is stolen.

After you report lost, once the thief tried to connect the wheel with the APP, the system will locate the mobile phone, disable the motor immediately and upload the information to the server.

Speed up to 32km/h
Speed limitation is settable in the APP.

The default maximum speed is 25km/h, you can set the speed limitation up to 32km/h in the APP.

Overspeed alarm makes it safer to ride

You can set the overspeed alarm value in the APP. It will alram when the speed is over the value you set.

IP65 waterproof grade

IP65 waterproof grade makes you ride freely in the rain.

Axle end charging port, simple and convenient

Charging time: 3 hours (KX20S), 4.5 hours (KX30S)

Packing list

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Do I need a mobile phone to operate my bike?

No, using your mobile phone is your choice. If you want, you can download the Wepower app, where you can set the pedal assist mode, see the speed, temperature, battery level and mileage covered. But this is entirely optional, and the bike will function perfectly without it.

My bike has disc brakes – will the kit still work?

Yes, the kit fits both V brakes (sometimes called rim brakes) and disc brakes.

How does the pedal assist work?

The kit has an “intelligent assist control module” which works in conjunction with a gyroscope calculating the power you need.  It will assist you automatically when you are pedalling.  The motor will not work until the speed reaches 5km/h. The system will increase the power when you go uphill and will shut down the motor when you are going downhill.  When you brake, the system can detect the decrease of the speed, and will stop the motor.

If you push the thumb throttle the bike will be fully driven by electric power, but when you release it the pedal assist system will kick in again automatically.

Will Lvbu kit fit my bike ?

LVBU kit will fit most bikes except thru axle. 

Is the import taxes included in the price? Do I need to pay taxes when I receive the ebike kit?

If the delivery address are in the countries below then you don't need to pay any taxes or VAT:

United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech, Republic, Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Latvia, Croatia, Ukraine.

How much does the kit weigh?

The entire kit weights 7kg/7.5kg.

How long is the lifetime of the battery?

Lvbu ebike kits use EV 18650 lithium-ion battery cells with class A quality. Working with our own BMS system, the lifetime of the battery is very high. 80% capacity remains after 1,000 cycles. So normally it can last 5 years.

*Note: The definition of one cycle is that charge the battery from 0 to 100% and discharge it fully. For example, if you charge the battery from the 0 to 50% and discharge it to 0, that is 0.5 cycle.

How to connect Lvbu kit with the APP?

Open the APP and allow all the permissions that the APP asks for. And tap the magnified glass icon on the right top of the APP to search for the Bluetooth address. Select the right address of your kit in the list to connect.
*Note: Please connect the kit in the APP, don’t connect it in the operation system of the phone. You don’t need to input any pin to connect. And please make sure all permissions are allowed and the kit is not connected to other devices. The kit can just connect to only one device at the same time.

How does Lvbu wheel recognize uphill?

Lvbu wheel has a built-in six-axis gyroscope, which can sense the slope of the road such as uphill and downhill. But if you want to detect the slope of the road correctly, you must calibrate the gyroscope angle on the level ground first. The way how gyroscope works is as below: 

  • The purpose of calibrating the gyroscope angle is to give the gyroscope a horizontal reference, telling the gyroscope that the current angle is level, so that the gyroscope can detect the slope. 
  • If the gyroscope is calibrated on a downhill road, the gyroscope will regard the downhill road with a certain angle as a horizontal road, but when the bike is on a level road, the gyroscope will sense it as an uphill, in that case the motor will always provide assistance; 
  • If the gyroscope is calibrated on an uphill road, the gyroscope will treat this uphill road as a horizontal road. And when the bike is on a level road, the system will shut down the motor because the gyroscope sense the level road as a downhill road by mistake.

    Therefore, you must calibrate the gyroscope on a level ground, otherwise there will be problem with the assist system.
How to connect LVBU ebike kit with Bluetooth display?

BTC02 Display Connect Method:

  • Please turn off or disconnect the Bluetooth connection on your phone before the Bluetooth display connects to the LVBU Wheel. The wheel cannot connect to more than one device at the same time; 
  • Press the power button of the Bluetooth display to turn it on. Then press the power button three times continuously. The display will search for the Bluetooth address of the lvbu ebike kits nearby; 
  • After the display finishes the search, press the up and down keys to select the right address of your kit and press the power button to connect.

DW03 Display Connect Method:

  • Open the APP and connect it with the Lvbu ebike kit
  • Press the power button of the Bluetooth display to turn it on.
  • Tap the "device" icon at the bottom right in the front page of the APP-->Tap "Add Device"--> Select the display in the list to connect.
What is lvbu kit warranty policy?

For battery, motor and controller, we provide one year warranty.

Do I have to use the thumb controller?

No. The thumb controller is your choice. We find that some of our customers prefer not to use the thumb controller and that’s fine, the bike will automatically work on the pedal assist mode.

What if I don’t know my wheel/tyre size?

This is a common question.  Your tyre size should be written on the side of your tyre.  There will be a series of numbers showing the diameter and width.  It will look something like this: 700c x 38.  Occasionally different cycle manufacturers will use a different scale.  If you have any problems working out your tyre size, please call us on +86 199 7018 0785.  Alternatively, you can email us a picture of the writing on your tyre to

Does the kit accommodate hydraulic brakes?

Yes it does. The kit will automatically sense when the brakes are applied and cuts the power to the motor.

How long does the battery take to charge?

Approximately 3.0 hours/4.5 hours at the mains.  The battery comes with a charger.

How does Lvbu kit system work ?
  • Lvbu assist system is an intelligent assist system which can calculate out and provide the proper power based on the speed, acceleration, the slope of the road, and the assist level set in the APP or display. It will provide proper power automatically when you pedal. The motor will not work until the speed reaches 5 km/h. 
  • It will increase the power when it senses the acceleration is positive and decrease the power when it is minus. The system will also increase the power when going uphill and shut down the motor when going downhill. And the kit can also be controlled by the optional wireless thumb throttle. When you push the throttle, the bike will be fully driven by electric power, but when you release it the assist system will kick in again automatically. The introduction of the 5 assist modes is as following:
     * Manual mode: The most often used mode. The users can set a proper assist grade from 0 to 99 for themselves. 0 stands for no assist while 99 stands for the strongest assist. Under the manual mode the user can use the optional wireless display to set the assist grade instead of using smart phone. After setting the assist grade, the wheel will assist automatically.
     * Commute mode: Under this mode, the wheel will have relatively strong assist power all the time. The output curve of the assist grade is as shown above. It is similar to an assist grade of 60% in the manual mode.
     * Leisure mode: The assist power output is as the curve above. It is a curve similar to a damping ratio. Half an hour is a cycle. At the end of the cycle, the assist will become stronger.
     * Exercise mode: This mode has a small assist output. One cycle is also half an hour. After about 10 minutes, the assist power output will become stronger in the rest of the cycle.
     * Climbing mode: The wheel provides a certain assist grade only if the road is uphill that above a certain slope angle. The assist grade and the slope angle can be set in the APP. For example, when you set 2 degrees and an 80 assist grade, the wheel can give you an 80 assist grade when you are on the road with slope angle above 2 degrees.

     Note: Lvbu's intelligent assist system can be upgraded by the APP. We will keep optimizing the algorithm and publishing the new firmware.
Is Lvbu kit compatible with V brake?

Yes, Lvbu kit is compatible with rim brakes and disc brakes.

And a free new disc can be provided if you need.

Is it safe to use the front wheel drive?

Yes, it’s safe to use the front wheel drive. 

The power of the front wheel motors those lvbu ebike kit use are between 250w to 350w, so there is no safety problem. Actually, there are some advantages to using front motor drive: 

 It is more efficient to pull the bike compared to push the bike.

 The front motor will balance the weight of the front wheel with the rear wheel to make it stabler

 It is much easier to install the front wheel than the back wheel.

What are the functions of the APP?

The APP has two main kinds of functions as following: 

  • Set the parameters:
    ①Search and bind the Lvbu ebike kit: You need to search and bind the kit with the APP when you use it first time.
    ②Calibrate the gyroscope angle: The gyroscope angle must be calibrated after the first time you attach or reattach the kit to your bike.
    ③Set the assist mode or adjust the assist level.
    ④Set over-speed alarm.
    ⑤Set the maximum assist speed (speed limit).
    ⑥Lost report.
    ⑦Firmware upgrade.
    ⑧Restore factory settings.
    ⑨Set the wheel weight, load, wheel size, etc. ...
     After adjusting and setting the parameters, the system will automatically save values instantly.
  • Show cycling data:
    ①Riding speed
    ②Riding mileage: total mileage, current mileage, uphill mileage, etc.
    ③Kit model
    ④Bluetooth address
    ⑤APP version
    ⑥User instructions ...
    We are keeping optimizing the APP all the time, the new version of the firmware and the APP will be released from time to time, you can update it anywhere with the network of your mobile phone.

Do I have to connect to the APP while riding?

No, you don’t have to connect the kit with the APP when you are riding. The assist system is written in the controller, not in the APP. But before the first time you use it, you must calibrate the gyro angle for the bike.
You can set the assist grade in the APP and put your phone in your pocket. The kit will provide proper assist power for you automatically.

What is the range of the battery?

The battery is a high quality power lithium-ion battery, 36V, 3/6/9AH. The range is approximately30/60/90 km+. But that does depend on many various factors, including terrain, slope, your weight and how much you pedal and your level of assist.

Do you have a local dealer or oversea warehouse?

Yes, we have oversea warehouse in Europe.

And for some countries, we do have local dealers. 

68 REVIEWS - KX Series Ebike Conversion Kit
Germany , 5/31/2024
It's so easy to install! I didn't expect to be able to install it myself, super easy to use!
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 26", 26 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Luxembourg , 1/3/2024
Enjoying my new old bike
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 700C (28"), 28 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
United States of America , 3/24/2023
Great product, easy to use and simple to install, the best way to transform your bike to an E-Bike. If I may suggest, would be nice to add in the offer a Mobile phone support !
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 29", 29 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Canada , 3/15/2023
The Lvbu ebike conversion kit has exceeded my expectations. My bike feels like a brand new machine and the electric assist is smooth and powerful. I've already recommended this kit to several of my friends.
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 24", 24 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Sweden , 2/16/2023
The Lvbu customer service is fantastic. I accidentally ordered the wrong wheel size for my 750w Summit, and they were extremely helpful and accommodating. was greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 27.5", 27.5 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Nrl Farahin
Singapore , 2/16/2023
Very good product and customer service. Delivery was promised to arrive in April but I received it 1 month earlier!!! ?????? The customer service answered patiently with all my enquires. I requested a 20" for my BMX but the flower pattern will just clash with the bike. The customer service made a request for a black flower pattern and it really look good for the BMX. They also included a very good 20"x2.4 tyres to match my BMX. The product works as it promised. I believe if they let users tweak the software end-users can hack the wheel to add more features like self locking and unlocking if user is near with bluetooth connection like a car keyless lock, programmable battery management and even more.
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 20", 20 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Italy , 2/14/2023
For Valentine's Day, I bought my wife a conversion kit for her bike. The installation was easy, and she loves how it helps with her arthritic knees. It's so discreet that people don't even realize her bike has an electric motor until she speeds away without pedaling.
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 26", 26 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Switzerland , 2/14/2023
With the hills in Pennsylvania, taking a leisurely bike ride used to be exhausting and unenjoyable. But now that I have my Lvbu KX, it's not tough anymore. I love it so much that I'm thinking about buying another one in the spring for when I'm at home.
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 24", 24 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
United Kingdom , 2/13/2023
I am thoroughly enjoying my ebike conversion kit so far. I've been able to double the mileage I was previously doing, and I'm finding that cycling is much more enjoyable with the added assistance. The battery life is impressive as well. During a recent 35-mile ride, I still had 55% of battery life left, which is a testament to the high-quality components used in the kit.
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 26", 26 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Australia , 2/12/2023
From the beginning of my experience with this seller, I was impressed by their exceptional communication throughout the entire transaction. The product itself works flawlessly and meets all of my expectations. Furthermore, the shipping was incredibly fast and exceeded my initial estimated delivery date. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend this seller's products and services.
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 26", 26 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Australia , 2/7/2023
If you are thinking about converting your bike to electric, do yourself a favor and get this ebike conversion kit. It is a game-changer! The motor is powerful and quiet, and the battery lasts a long time. Installation was easy, and the instructions were clear and concise.
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 20", 20 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
United States of America , 2/6/2023
This ebike conversion kit is absolutely fantastic! It was easy to install and transformed my old bike into a powerful electric bike. I highly recommend it!
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 26", 26 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Australia , 1/30/2023
I've been using the Lvbu ebike conversion kit for a few months now and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. It's made biking to work a breeze and I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall fitness level. I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to upgrade their standard bike.
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 24", 24 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Wyatt Wright
United States of America , 1/27/2023
This application is truly impressive. It offers a wide range of features that become even more powerful when paired with the thumb throttle. Its functionality is top-notch, and it delivers an unparalleled user experience.
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 27.5", 27.5 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
United States of America , 1/18/2023
The quality of this product is truly outstanding and it exceeds expectations by offering every function as described in the product description. Additionally, the provider's support team provides excellent assistance and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Their commitment to ensuring customers have a positive experience is unparalleled.
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 26", 26 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Spain , 1/17/2023
I am very pleased with this product! I had no trouble mounting the wheel onto my mountain bike and it was a breeze to set up. I even included two pictures of my bike with the newly mounted wheel. The installation of the WePower application on my Android phone was effortless thanks to the Google Play store, and connecting to the wheel via Bluetooth was seamless. Overall, I am highly impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use and reliable solution to enhance their cycling experience.
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 26", 26 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Harold maat
Netherlands , 1/17/2023
The installation was very easy. It takes a hour to get everything working. The first ride tonight was very good, nice and smoothly. Good contact and quick response when you have a question. I'm veery happy with the wheel.
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 24", 24 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Spain , 1/3/2023
I am so happy with my decision to purchase this ebike conversion kit. It has turned my regular bike into an amazing electric bike that is so much fun to ride. The quality of the components is top-notch, and the customer service was excellent.
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 20", 20 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Kevin Batsch
United States of America , 12/27/2022
Easy to install. Works great! Everyone loves the addition to the bike.
Model: KX20S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 24", 24 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
Canada , 12/24/2022
Awesome ?? very fast, powerful, and fun!
Model: KX30S 250W Front, Ebike kit for front wheel
Size: 24", 24 inch rim with tyre
Color: Black, Black
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