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High-speed Brushless DC motor

High efficiency, stable operation,
no resistance, small size, light weight

Products Model

    MFO250W / MFO350W / MFO500W

Installation parameters

    Brake Type
    V brake/Disc brake
    Open size(mm)
    Hub diameter(mm)
    Cable Location
    Shaft side, right
    Outlet cable length(mm), connection cable type
    250, G9.5
    Spoke specifications

Main specifications

    Compatible rim size
    16" -- 29"
    Gear drive
    Rated voltage (DCV)
    No load speed(Rpm)
    Rated power(W)
    250w / 350 w
    Load speed (Rpm)
    Maximum torque (N.M)
    Effectiency (%)
    Weight (kg)
    Noise Grade(dB)
    Operating Temperature

Technical Parameters

    Speed detection signal (Pulse/Cycle)
    Reduction Ratio
    Magnet poles (2P)

Testing and certification

    Waterproof performance
    IP 65
    CE , CCC , CQC
    Salt Spray test (h)

Our advantages

High-speed brushless permanent magnet motor

High efficiency, smooth, long working life, planetary gear and clutch
No resistance, it's easy to ride even with battery drained out.

IP65 waterproof Grade

The waterproof grade is IP65

Fits most of the wheel sizes

Compatible wheel sizes: 16 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 27.5 inch, 29 inch, 700C

Products are exported to more than 100 countries including Europe and America

Lvbu Motor has been sold well in France, Germany, Britain, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, etc.

High-strength aluminum alloy housing

Spraying surface finishing, scratching resistance and more friendly to environment

20 strong magnets

Good consistency, stable magnetic field and high temperature resistance

Automatic mechine winding

Precise and Consistent

High strenth motor shaft

Silicon steel sheets

PA66 reduction gear

Cold resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness, low friction coefficient

High quality waterproof cable

9 pins cable: 3 phase wires, 5 Hall wires, and 1 signal wire

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3 REVIEWS - Front Outer Rotor Motor
Deborah H.
Philippines , 1/8/2024
Installing this motor has completely transformed my cycling experience. Whether it's on city streets or mountain trails, I can ride at faster speeds, effortlessly maneuver through traffic, and truly enjoy the thrill of cycling.
Model: 250W, 250W
Size: standard, High-speed Brushless DC motor
Color: Black, Black
Czech Republic , 1/3/2024
Climbing hills and accelerating has become effortless, and I am absolutely in love with the speed and convenience it offers.
Model: 250W, 250W
Size: standard, High-speed Brushless DC motor
Color: Black, Black
Australia , 1/1/2024
This motor is absolutely fantastic! After installing it, my bicycle has transformed into a powerful and efficient electric bike
Model: 350W, 350W
Size: standard, High-speed Brushless DC motor
Color: Black, Black
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