BT series Ebike kit

Canvas bag battery, Separate small controller, Flexible installation location

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BT Series Ebike kit

Canvas bag battery with just 2 cable connections, more flexible to fit

Assist range from 90km to 120km / Cable thumb throttle/Wireless display with thumb throttle/
APP control / Anti-theft tracking / Smart assist system

  • 8 minutes

    Quick installation

  • 16-29inch

    Multiple wheel sizes

  • 5 modes

    Smart assistance modes

  • 32km/hour

    Maximum speed

  • 250w

    High-speed brushless motor

  • 3 drive ways

    Throttle / Pedal assist / Manual

Small size controller box makes it's easy to be hidden.

Makes less change Obtains great joy

Can you find out where the controller is?

Just 3 steps to trasform your bike into a smart ebike.

  • Step 1: Replace the front wheel
  • Step 2: Mount the controller box
  • Step3: Attach the bag battery and connect the cables

Fits every size bikes

BT series kit fits all standard bikes. It has mulptiple wheel sizes from 16" to 29" and 700C

5 smart assist modes

We have spent 5 years on developing and optimizing the assist system. The assist system is based on the speed, acceleration, the road slope, and also the assist level that you set in the APP or on the wireless display, calculating out the power you need. It will assist you automatically when you pedal. And we will keep on optimizing the system and publish it from time to time. You will be able to update the system by the APP.

  • Leisure mode
  • Commute mode
  • Exercise mode
  • Manual mode
  • Climbing mode

Dedicated APP provides you wonderful cycling experience

You can use the APP to control the wheels, upgrade the firmware, set the assist mode, set the assist level, calibrate the gyroscope angle, and detect the fault. And also you can check the speed, temperature, power, mileage, etc.

Speed up to 32km/h
Speed limitation is settable in the APP.

The default maximum speed is 25km/h, you can set the speed limitation up to 35km/h in the APP.

Anti-theft Tracking Function: Lost bike tracking. You can report lost when your bike is stolen.

After you report lost, once the thief tried to connect the wheel with the APP, the system will locate the mobile phone, disable the motor immediately and upload the information to the server.

Overspeed alarm makes it safer to ride

You can set the overspeed alarm value in the APP. It will alram when the speed is over the value you set.

IP65 waterproof grade

IP65 waterproof grade makes you ride freely in the rain.

Coated Canvas battery bag

250W high speed brushless permanent magnet motor

Small size, light weight, high efficiency, stable operation, long lifetime
Planetary gear + clutch:It's easy to ride even when the battery is dead.

Rated power
Maximum power

Power                  :         250W
Voltage                :            36V
Structure              : Gear Drive
Efficiency              :        >80%
Maximum torque :       40N.m

Micro Power system

5 years of research and development has gone into creating a versatile
and cost-effective product for cyclists. The micropower system offers intelligent
assistance with induction brakes that have a response time of 10ms. The system
can sense the speed, acceleration and road slope, it will help you automatically
when you pedal.

Automatically increase power

Automatically cut off power

ARM Cortex-M3 main chip

With 6-axis gyroscope motion processing chip
Configure low-power Bluetooth 4.0, low-power power management chip
6 high-sensitivity speed-measuring magnets for precise speed measurement

High quality 18650 lithium battery

EV lithium-ion battery cell with internal resistance as low as 18mΩ, capacity of 2900mA, 3C high-rate discharge. The 18650 power lithium battery offers consistency, high energy density, and faster charge/discharge performance. Tried and tested over time, 80% capacity remains after 1000 cycles, making this high-quality lithium battery’s lifetime more than 5 years.

Using Taiwan high-performance and high-safety BMS battery protection system

  • Over-discharge
  • Overcurrent
  • Temperature
  • Overcharge
  • Short circuit
  • Battery balance

Bag battery is easy to remove

Charging time: 3-4 hours
You can take off the battery to charge easily.

Product Specification