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What are the functions of the APP?
The APP has two main kinds of functions as following: 1. Set the parameters ①Search and bind the Lvbu ebike kit: You need to search and bind the kit with the APP when you use it first time; ②Calibrate the gyroscope angle: The gyroscope angle must be calibrated after the first time you attach or reattach the kit to your bike; ③Set the assist mode or adjust the assist level; ④Set over-speed alarm; ⑤Set the maximum assist speed (speed limit) ⑥Lost report ⑦Firmware upgrade ⑧Restore factory settings ⑨Set the wheel weight, load, wheel size, etc. ... After adjusting and setting the parameters, the system will automatically save the values instantly 2. Show cycling data ①Riding speed ②Riding mileage: total mileage, current mileage, uphill mileage, etc. ③Kit model ④Bluetooth address ④APP version ⑥User instructions ... We are keeping optimize the APP all the time, the new version of the firmware and the APP will be released from time to time, you can update it anywhere with the network of your mobile phone.
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