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  • What is Lvbu Wheel?

    Lvbu Wheel is a kit that can turn your bicycle into a smart electric bicycle in 3 minutes. It integrates battery, motor, and controller all in the wheel. It can be quickly installed on any bicycle, and it can connect to the cloud server through the IoT sim card. It can also connect to the mobile pho...
  • What models does Lvbu wheel have? What are the differences?

    There are two kind of Lvbu ebike kit models: the all in one wheel model and the separated battery kit model. All the models have the same assist system. The all in one wheel model have 2 series: BX and TX series: TX series: The only one series of kit with IoT. It has built-in GPS and GSM module, s...
  • What is the difference between all in one wheel series and battery separated series?

    The most obvious difference is the all in one wheel has built-in battery while the separate model has the external battery. [All in one series] integrate the battery, motor, and control module all inside the wheel. You don’t need to connect any able or external sensor at all. The all in one wheel se...
  • Introduction of the intelligent assist system

    Lvbu assist system is an intelligent assist system which can calculate out and provide the proper power based on the speed, acceleration, the slope of the road, and the assist level set in the APP or display. It will provide proper power automatically when you pedaling. The motor will not work until...
  • What is Lvbu smart assist system? What is automatic assistance?

    Lvbu smart assist system is a special assist system developed by Lvbu Tech. The user sets a proper assist level or the assistance mode, and the kit will provide the corresponding power automatically according to different roads and different intent of the user. For example: Setting the assist level ...
  • What are the weights of Lvbu wheel products?

    The gross weight of Lvbu wheel series kits (including packaging box) are as follows: 【BX10D】8.5kg 【BX20D】9.2kg 【BX30D】9.9kg 【BY20V】8.58kg 【BY20D】8.58kg 【BT30D】8.8kg 【BT30V】8.8kg 【BT40D】9.9kg 【BT40V】9.9kg 【BZ50D】12kg 【BZ50V】12kg 【BZ50D】12.5kg 【BZ50V】12.5kg
  • What is the waterproof performance of Lvbu wheel?

    Lvbu wheel's motor has equipped SKF waterproof bearings, the controller is sprayed with waterproof glue and filled with glue, and the battery is packaged with a heat shrinkable tube and then coated with waterproof glue. Therefore, the waterproof grade is P65. You don’t need to worry about water ingr...
  • Lvbu wheel motor introduction

    Lvbu wheel uses high-quality high-speed brushless DC geared motor, small size, light weight, stable operation and long life. The planetary gear and the clutch make it no magnet resistance, and it is easy to pedal like a normal bike when running out of battery power. The motor is developed and design...
  • What is the power of Lvbu wheel motor?

    Lvbu wheel kits BX, TX, BY, BT, BZ and other series are all front-wheel motors, with nominal power of 250W and maximum power of 500W. Under the traction of the front wheels, it is sufficient to ensure normal driving power, and the speed can reach 35km per hour. We also provide 350W, 500W, 750W, 100...
  • What is the difference between a high-speed outer rotor motor and an inner rotor motor?

    Lvbu wheel has two kinds of motor: high-speed outer rotor motor and high-speed inner rotor motor. D series are outer rotor motors, and V series are inner rotor motors. The difference between the two is one has an outer rotor while the other has an inner rotor. Inner rotor motors place the stator on ...
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