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  • Can I have the customized APP?

    Yes, we can customize the APP for you, please contact our sales to learn more details about it.
  • Do I have to connect to the APP while riding?

    No, you don’t have to connect the kit with the APP when you are riding. The assist system is written in the controller, not in the APP. But before the first time you use it, you must calibrate the gyro angle for the bike. You can set the assist grade in the APP and put your phone in your pocket. The...
  • I can’t connect the kit with the mobile phone with bluetooth?

    Make sure the battery is not dead; Make sure the kit is not connected to any other device (phone or display) by Bluetooth, disconnect it if there is any; Don’t connect it in the operation system of the phone, connect it in the APP; Make sure the Bluetooth of the phone is switched on a...
  • Unable to enter [Wepower] APP Settings Center

    Enter the phone settings page, open the application settings, find the [Wepower] APP, and change the device access permissions to allow; In the [Wepower] APP, search for the LVBU Wheel again, after binding the LVBU Wheel, you can enter the [Wepower] setting center.
  • How to set an overspeed alarm?

    The overspeed alarm function is to remind you when the bike exceeds the alarm speed value that you set in the setting. You can tap the gear icon on the top left of the APP, and tap the overspeed alarm to modify the value. *Note: The BT series does not have an overspeed alarm yet.
  • How to set the speed limit?

    Tap the gear icon on the top left of the APP, and tap the “speed limit” to set the speed limit. Under assist mode, if the speed of the bike is over the “speed limit” value, the motor will stop working. But this function will not work if you use the throttle.
  • How to lock and unlock the kit?

    Please tap the lock icon in the right middle of the APP to lock or unlock the kit. If the lock icon is highlighted, then the bike is locked. If you move the bike which is locked, the kit (except the BT series) will alarm.
  • What should I do if the kit does not work because of the failure of the firmware upgrade?

    Please tap “restore factory” in the setting page of the APP
  • What can I do if I want to update the firmware after I ignore the prompted message?

    Tap the “firmware upgrade” in the setting page of the APP to update the firmware.
  • Why is the battery drained fast and the actual range is shorter than expected?

    The assist range of the kit is test under the following conditions: The weight of the rider is 60kg, the bike weight is 20kg, on flat level road, no wind, 25℃ temperature, under manual mode 50% assist grade, constant speed 25km/h without stop.The actual range depends on many factors. If you use the ...