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  • What if I tap the lock icon in the APP?

    When you tap the lock icon in the APP, the motor will be disabled. The motor will not work, but you can still ride the bike as a normal bike. When you move the bike, it will alarm (except the BT series, there is no buzzer inside the controller of BT series). And when you push the bike reversely ther...
  • Where can I see the battery level?

    You can see the battery level in the APP.
  • How does Lvbu wheel recognize uphill?

    Lvbu wheel has a built-in six-axis gyroscope, which can sense the slope of the road such as uphill and downhill. But if you want to detect the slope of the road correctly, you must calibrate the gyroscope angle on the level ground first. The way how gyroscope works is as below: The purpose of c...
  • Do I need special tools to install the kit?

    No, you don’t need any special tools. The installation is very easy and there is a common tools kit included in the kit.
  • What are the requirements for the bike to install the LVBU ebike kit?

    LVBU ebike kit can fit most of the bikes on the market, the requirements are as below: The D series motor requirements: The dropout spacing should be above 10 cm and the width of the dropout slots should be above 1 cm. The V series motor requirements: The dropout spacing should be above 8 ...
  • Why must we calibrate the Gyroscope before the first time we use the kit?

    Lvbu ebike assist system is a special system different from any other systems. The slope of the road is a critical factor of how the system calculates the power that you need. The assist power is highly depending on the slope. The Gyroscope can measure the slope of the road, but it needs a datum of ...
  • How to attach the BT controller correctly?

    The installation requirements of the BT controller are as follows: The controller must be placed horizontally; The side of the controller where the wires come out must be towards the rear wheel; The QR code on the controller must be towards the ground.
  • How to install BY series if there are no holes to attach the bottle holder?

    You can buy a bottle conversion bracket online, so that you can install BY series bottle batteries.
  • Can I put the BT series bag battery pack in other positions?

    We recommend you to put the battery pack under the saddle. But of course you can also put it in other positions those can attach the battery firmly.
  • How to connect LVBU ebike kit with Bluetooth display?

    Please turn off or disconnect the Bluetooth connection on your phone before the Bluetooth display connects to the LVBU Wheel. The wheel cannot connect to more than one device at the same time; Press the power button of the Bluetooth display to turn it on. Then press the power button for three t...
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