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  • Do it have magnet resistance and is it hard to pedal when the wheel run out of electrical power?

    There is a clutch inside the geared motor. When the wheel runs out of power, there is no relative rotation between the rotor and the stator, so the coil will not cut the magnetic fields and there will be no resistance.
  • Lvbu wheel battery and parameter introduction

    1. The battery cells those Lvbu wheels use are EV power lithium-ion, they are class A batteries. The internal resistance of the cell is as low as 18mΩ, the capacity is 2900mAh, and the discharge rate is 3C. According to laboratory test data, there is 75% of the power after charging and discharging m...
  • Lvbu lithium Battery Management System introduction

    Lvbu wheels use Taiwan's high-performance and high-safety BMS battery protection system, with six protection functions: [Overcharge protection] The charging process of lithium batteries is a constant current and constant voltage process. The cell is charged with constant current when the voltag...
  • How long is the lifetime of the battery?

    Lvbu ebike kits use EV 18650 lithium-ion battery cells with class A quality. Working with our own BMS system, the lifetime of the battery is very high. 80% capacity remains after 1,000 cycles. So normally it can last 5 years. *Note: The definition of one cycle is that charge the battery from 0 to 10...
  • Battery charging and discharging instructions

    Lithium-ion batteries are different from traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect. You don’t have to wait until the battery is drained before charging. The indicate light of the charger will turn green when the battery is fully charged. If you don’t ride the ...
  • Can the battery be used in low temperature and high temperature environment? What is the normal operating temperature range of the battery?

    The ideal working environment temperature of lithium battery is 25℃, under this temperature the lithium battery has the highest efficiency. The normal charging working temperature is 0℃-60℃, and the normal discharging working temperature is -20℃-60℃. However, the performance of the lithium batt...
  • How is the battery charged?

    The charging port of the all in one wheel is in the axle of the motor; The charging port of the other models is on the battery pack.
  • Introduction of Wireless display with throttle

    The wireless display with throttle integrates the display and the throttle together. We can use it to read the speed and set the parameters of the kit, and also we can use it as a throttle to control the Ebike. The display connects to the kit via Bluetooth, we don’t need to connect a cable betw...
  • How often does the wireless display with throttle need to be charged?

    Battery capacity: 1200 mAh Standby time: more than 12 months Working time: 100 hours Charging time: 3 hours When the circle icon on the right top of the screen flashes, it indicates that the display is running out of power and the screen will go dim.When the display is charging, the l...
  • What is the high configuration version, what is the standard version, and what is the difference?

    【Standard version】It just has the wheel kit which includes wheel ,controllers, battery packs, chargers, tools set and other basic accessories (the controller and battery of the all in one wheel are built into the wheels); 【High configuration version】It includes a standard version kit and a wire...
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