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  • Why is the battery drained fast and the actual range is shorter than expected?

    The assist range of the kit is test under the following conditions: The weight of the rider is 60kg, the bike weight is 20kg, on flat level road, no wind, 25℃ temperature, under manual mode 50% assist grade, constant speed 25km/h without stop.The actual range depends on many factors. If you use the ...
  • How can I check if there is a problem or not with the capacity of the battery?

    You can judge whether the capacity of the battery is normal or not by the charging time of the battery. Drain the battery and check the charging time: The charging time of the 10 cells battery is about 1.5 hours; The charging time of the 20 cells battery is about 3 hours; The chargin...
  • The kit does not assist when the battery level is around 10%?

    When the battery level is lower than 10%, the assist power would be weak or unstable to avoid being discharged. So it is normal if the motor does not work when the battery level is 10%.
  • Why does the APP crash when I open it?

    The version of the APP is low, please update to the latest version of APP.
  • Why is there no assist power?

    Please check the points below if there is no assist power: Please check that the battery is not dead; Please check that the assist grade is not at 0;Please check that the assist mode is not climbing mode with a high slope value; Please check that the kit is mounting correctly and the ...
  • Fault code instruction

    Fault 01: Over-current or sudden breakdown of MOS. Reason: Driving circuit fault or over current leads to MOS being shortened. Solution: ①Disconnect and reconnect the motor cable, and restart the kit in the APP. ②If Fault 01 is still there after restarting, and the motor stuck when cranked reversely...
  • What should I do if the assistance is weak and sometimes no assistance?

    There are several reasons why the assistance is weak or sometimes no assistance:Check that the wheels are installed correctly, please refer to the [installation video] and install them correctly according to the instructions. If the installation is not correct, the assistance may be unstable; https:...
  • Is it normal that sparks are generated when the battery is plugged in and unplugged?

    It is normal for sparks to appear when the battery is plugged or unplugged. There will be a short electric spark in the moment of contact with a larger voltage, don't worry.
  • What should I do if the APP prompts "motor response failed"?

    This problem is mainly caused by the unstable connection between the kit and APP:Please make sure the bike is by your side, if it is far from you, the Bluetooth connection may be interrupted;Reopen the APP and connect the kit again.
  • What should I do if the LVBU Wheel has an abnormal noise?

    Please check the points below:Check whether there is friction between the motor hub and the front fork. Please adjust the clearance by adding or removing washers between motor and the front fork; Check whether there is friction on the disc brake. Please adjust the position of the disc brake cal...