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  • What is the maximum speed of the Lvbu wheel?

    The top speed of the bike is about 32-35 km/h; We can limit the top speed to a certain value according to the law in different countries. *The speed limitation can also be set by the user in the APP. You can set a proper limitation for yourself.
  • Is the motor able to regenerate when riding?

    The motor is not a regenerative motor. Lvbu wheel uses a clutch to make it as easy as riding a normal bike when the battery is dead.
  • How to control the riding speed?

    Under the assist mode, the speed can be changed by pedaling and braking: pedal faster to increase the speed, and squeeze the brake to reduce the speed.Under full electricity, you can control the speed of the bike by pushing the thumb throttle. The deeper you push the throttle, the faster it can run.
  • Why is there no assistance under the climbing mode?

    The climbing mode means that it only assists on uphill roads, and does not assist on level roads or downhill roads. The purpose is to save power and just make it easier to climb. Under climbing mode, the kit provides a certain assist grade only if the road is uphill with a slope angle that is a...
  • Lead time of the kits

    [Retail order] Dispatch within 48 hours; [Sample order] No special customization requirements, dispatch within 1-5 working days within 10 units; [Bulk order] 50 units are shipped within 15 working days, 100-200 units are shipped within 25 working days, and more than 200 units need to be or...
  • Does the kit come with the tube and tyre? What brand are they?

    Lvbu wheel kit comes with tube and tyre, and the default brand of the tyre is Kenda.
  • Which motor should I choose? V series motor or D series motor?

    It’s up to the spacing (drop out width) between the forks, if you have a bike with 10 cm forks spacing, then D series motor can fit. But if you have a bike with 8 cm spacing and it has V brake, then V series motor can fit it. V series kit and D series kit have the same controller and batteries....
  • Is it safe to use the front wheel drive?

    Yes, it’s safe to use the front wheel drive. The power of the front wheel motors those lvbu ebike kit use are between 250w to 350w, so there is no safety problem. Actually, there are some advantages to using front motor drive: It is more efficient to pull the bike compared to push the bike...
  • Introduction of mileage, ride time and calories in the APP

    Mileage: Perimeter of the wheel times the rounds; Riding time: Time accumulation when the speed is more than 0; Calories consumed by riding: Calculate based on vehicle weight, load, angle, etc. Average speed: The total mileage is divided by the ride time.
  • Introduction to anti-theft alarm

    The anti-theft alarm function is a unique built-in function of Lvbu wheel, which triggers an alarm and locks the motor when it is stolen. There is an example below to explain this function: Mike finds his bike was stolen by someone. He immediately opens the APP and taps “lost report” on the set...