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  • The Bluetooth display shows the speed, but does not show the riding mileage and riding time?

    This problem may be caused by the unstable connection between the Bluetooth display and the kit. Please connect the kit with the APP to see if the mileage can be displayed. If the APP does not have mileage displayed, try “restore factory” in the setting page; If the APP displays the milea...
  • Bluetooth can be connected, but no assist

    Please follow the steps below to solve the problem:Check whether the wheel, the controller, etc. are correctly installed, please install them according to the user manual;Tap “restore factory” in the setting page of the APP;Re-calibrate the gyroscope angle in the APP.
  • What are included in the package of the ebike kits? How can I buy a spare part?

    The Items are listed in the table below and you can click on it to buy a spare part:KX30S All in one ebike kitKF30S bottle battery ebike kitKD sereis saddle bag battery ebike kitKN20S bottle battery ebike kitBZ Series Rear rack battery ebike kitHub(Inc. Battery,controller&motor) with rim and tir...
  • What if I don’t know my wheel/tyre size?

    This is a common question. Your tyre size should be written on the side of your tyre. There will be a series of numbers showing the diameter and width. It will look something like this: 700c x 29. Occasionally different cycle manufacturers will use a different scale. If you have any problems wo...
  • How does the pedal assist work?

    The kit has an “intelligent assist control module” which works in conjunction with a gyroscope calculating the power you need. It will assist you automatically when you are pedalling. The motor will not work until the speed reaches 5km/h. The system will increase the power when you go uphill and w...
  • Do I need a mobile phone to operate my bike?

    No, using your mobile phone is your choice. If you want, you can download the Wepower app, where you can set the pedal assist mode, see the speed, temperature, battery level and mileage covered. But this is entirely optional, and the bike will function perfectly without it
  • Can I buy a spare battery?

    Yes. We find the vast majority of people don’t need a spare, but if you want to go on very long bike rides you can double your range by charging a spare battery and taking it with you. You can purchase a spare battery here.
  • Do I have to use the thumb controller?

    No. The thumb controller is your choice. We find that some of our customers prefer not to use the thumb controller and that’s fine, the bike will automatically work on the pedal assist mode.
  • Can I put the battery in my pannier instead of attaching it to the crossbar?

    The battery holder must be positioned at an upward slope, therefore it’s best to be fixed on to your bike-frame. This is because there is a gyroscope inside it, which is part of the pedal assist technology.
  • Does the kit accommodate hydraulic brakes?

    Yes it does. The kit will automatically sense when the brakes are applied and cuts the power to the motor.