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Fault code instruction
Fault 01: Over-current or sudden breakdown of MOS. Reason: Driving circuit fault or over current leads to MOS shorted. Solution: ①Disconnect and reconnect the motor cable, and restart the kit in the APP. ②If the Fault 01 is still there after restarting, and the motor stuck when cranked reversely, that represents the MOS fails. We need to replace the controller. Fault 02: The motor is stuck. Reason: Fault 02 usually occurs when the wheel is stopped by force or other components and objects, such as sudden brake. Solution: Clear the object that stops the motor from rotating and restart the kit in the APP Fault 08: Hall Fault. Reason: The connection between the controller and the motor is poor contact. Solution: Reconnect the cable between the motor and the controller. Usually, the Fault 08 is temporary. Fault 10: Gyroscope fault. Reason: Water or moisture comes into the controller causes problems with the gyroscope. That happens rarely. Solution: Dry the controller or replace the controller. 20: 24C02 electronic device failure. Reason: Water or moisture comes into the controller. That happens rarely. Solution: Dry the controller or replace the controller. 40: Hall is abnormal. the reason: ①The motor wire is not connected well or the motor wire is broken; ②The motor's Hall is burnt out due to water ingress or motor burnout; ③The internal magnet of the motor rubs the circuit. Solution: ① Check whether the cables between the motor and controller are connected well, and check whether the cable connect is plugged in deeply enough to reach the mark line. If not please disconnect and reconnect the connectors to the mark line and then restart the kit in the APP settings. ②Check whether the motor wire is broken. If the wire on the motor side is broken, the motor needs to be replaced. *Note: Fault codes can be combined. For example: Fault48 stands for both Fault 08 and Fault 40 occur; Fault 0A stands for both Fault 02 and Fault 08 occur.
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