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What should I do if the assistance is weak and sometimes no assistance?
There are several reasons why the assistance is weak or sometimes no assistance: 1. Check that the wheels are installed correctly, please refer to the [installation video] and install them correctly according to the instructions. If the installation is not correct, the assistance may be unstable; 2. Adjust the assist mode. If the assist level is small, the assist may be absent from time to time. Please increase the assist level; 3. The wheel is not tightened, please tighten the wheel nuts to avoid incorrect gyroscope angle; 4. The angle of the gyroscope is incorrect, please place the wheel on a level ground and re-calibrate the gyroscope; 5. If you are under climbing mode, set a lower value for the slope, otherwise the motor will be off if the slope of the road does not reach the slope value that you have set;