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What is Lvbu Wheel?
Lvbu Wheel is a kit that can turn your bicycle into a smart electric bicycle in 3 minutes. It integrates battery, motor, and controller all in the wheel. It can be quickly installed on any bicycle, and it can connect to the cloud server through the IoT sim card. It can also connect to the mobile phone by Bluetooth 4.0. The wheel consists of a high-power motor, EV 18650 power lithium-ion batteries, a CORTEX M3 processor, Taiwan BMS power management system, speed sensor, a 6-axis gyroscope and other equipment. Lvbu Wheel can be controlled by the APP(Android&IOS). The functions of the APP include: displaying the riding data and records, anti-theft tracking, lost report, locking the motor and firmware upgrading. The APP is not necessary to be open when you are riding if you don’t want to see the speed and the other information of the wheel, the wheel can run without the APP. Lvbu Wheel has a variety of models, with cruising range from 30km to 180km. The assist system can provide proper power according to parameters such as the rider's weight, riding speed, slope of the road, and assistance level that you set in the APP. The assist system is independently developed by ourselves and it is different from the other systems. It has 3 different ways to provide the power: automatic assist, cadence assist and throttle. There are 5 different assist modes under the automatic assist: Commute mode, Leisure mode, Exercise mode, Climbing mode and Manual mode. The kits do not have complicated external cables and switch. All the parameter is set in the APP. It is controlled by the APP or the wireless display. It’s extremely easy to install.