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Introduction of the intelligent assist system
Lvbu assist system is an intelligent assist system which can calculate out and provide the proper power based on the speed, acceleration, the slope of the road, and the assist level set in the APP or display. It will provide proper power automatically when you pedaling. The motor will not work until the speed reaches 5km/h. It will increase the power when it senses the acceleration is positive and decrease the power when it is minus. The system will also increase the power when going uphill and shut down the motor when going downhill. And the kit can also be controlled by the optional wireless thumb throttle. When you push the throttle, the bike will be fully driven by electric power, but when you release it the assist system will kick in again automatically. The introduction of the 5 assist modes is as following: *Manual mode: The most often used mode. The users can set a proper assist grade from 0 to 99 for themselves. 0 stands for no assist while 99 stands for the strongest assist. Under the manual mode the user can use the optional wireless display to set the assist grade instead of using smart phone. After setting the assist grade, the wheel will assist automatically. *Commute mode: Under this mode, the wheel will have a relative strong assist power all the time. The output curve of the assist grade is as shown above. It is similar to a assist grade of 60% in the manual mode. * Leisure mode: The assist power output is as the curve above. It is a curve similar to damping ratio. Half an hour is a cycle. At the end of the cycle, the assist will become stronger. *Exercise mode: This mode has a small assist output. One cycle is also half an hour. After about 10 minutes, the assist power output will become stronger in the rest of the cycle. *Climbing mode: The wheel provides a certain assist grade only if the road is uphill that above a certain slope angle. The assist grade and the slope angle can be set in the APP. For example, when you set 2 degrees and 80 assist grade, the wheel can give you 80 assist grade when you are on the road with slope angle above 2 degrees. PS: Lvbu's intelligent assist system can be upgraded by the APP. We will keep optimizing the algorithm and publish the new firmware.