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What is Lvbu smart assist system? What is automatic assistance?
Lvbu smart assist system is a special assist system developed by Lvbu Tech. The user sets a proper assist level or the assistance mode, and the kit will provide the corresponding power automatically according to different roads and different intent of the user. For example: Setting the assist level to 40%, which means that to maintain a certain speed, the motor will provide 40% of the power, and the rider needs to provide 60% of the power. When the ride decrease the pedaling man power, the system will ask the motor to slow down and the speed of the bike will be reduced accordingly; when the rider increases the pedaling man power, the system can immediately sense it, increase the assist power too, and increase the speed. So if you want to ride easily, you can set the assist level to 90%, then you just need to pedal lightly; if you have enough physical strength, we can adjust the assist level to 30%, so that the motor provides less part of the power, the bike is mainly driven by man power. Why does the motor provide full power or no power no matter what assist grade I set? This problem is because the gyroscope is not calibrated correctly. You need to put the vehicle up straight on a level ground, and then calibrate the gyroscope through the app or Bluetooth display, so that the gyroscope can sense the right slope angle of uphill and downhill and provide correct output power. *Note: The wheel must be installed and fixed on the front forks. If the installation is not firm, the motor shaft will have relative rotation with the forks when braking or starting, which will affect the angle of the gyroscope.