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Lvbu wheel motor introduction
Lvbu wheel uses high-quality high-speed brushless DC geared motor, small size, light weight, stable operation and long life. The planetary gear and the clutch make it no magnet resistance, and it is easy to pedal like a normal bike when running out of battery power. The motor is developed and designed by Lvbu Technology, and is produced by a professional motor manufacturer in Suzhou, with a one-year warranty. There are two kinds of motors: high-speed outer rotor motors and high-speed inner rotor motors: [Outer rotor] The motor is larger than the inner rotor motor, with a minimum front fork of 100mm, suitable for disc brake type and V brake bicycles. The power can be more than 1000w, the price is relatively cheap, the maintenance is simple, and it is the mainstream motor type on the market. [Inner rotor] The motor is smaller than the outer rotor motor, with a minimum front fork of 75mm, suitable for V-brake type bicycles, but the maximum power is 350w, and the price is relatively expensive. It is mainly used for export or customers with special needs. Main parameters of the motor: Nominal power: 250W Maximum power: 500W Voltage: 36V Structure: gear drive Efficiency: >80% Maximum torque: 30N.m