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Lvbu lithium Battery Management System introduction
Lvbu wheels use Taiwan's high-performance and high-safety BMS battery protection system, with six protection functions: 
 1.[Overcharge protection] The charging process of lithium batteries is a constant current and constant voltage process. The cell is charged with constant current when the voltage of cell is lower than 4.2V. After the voltage reaches to 4.2V, it will be converted to constant voltage charging and the charging current will decrease. If the charging circuit loses control, it will continue to charge the battery with a constant current. When the voltage of a single cell is higher than 4.2V, it will cause damage or safety problems. With the overcharge protection, the charger will stop charging the battery when the voltage of the battery reaches a certain value. When it reaches that value the charging MOS will turn off and stop charging; 
 2.[Over-discharge protection] The voltage of the battery will become smaller and smaller during the process of discharging with the external load. When the voltage of a single cell is lower than 2.8V, the capacity of the cell has been drained, if it continues to discharge, the cell will be damaged. The over-discharge protection feature will stop to discharge the battery when the voltage decreases to a certain value.
3.[Overcurrent protection] Normally the current of the battery should not exceed 2 times of its capacity, that is 2C. For example, the capacity of the battery is 2900mAh then the max discharge current must not exceed 5800mA. If the discharge current rate exceeds 2C, the battery would be damaged and would cause safety problems. The feature of over current protection will stop the charging and discharging when the current is above the safety current.
4.[Temperature protection] Lithium batteries will radiate heat during charging and discharging, which may lead to overheating. High temperature is not safe for lithium battery and will damage the battery. If the battery is working under high temperature, the capacity will drop. The system will cut off the circuit to protect the battery when the temperature reaches the protection value.
5.[Short Circuit Protection] Short circuit protection is a limit form of over current protection, and its control process and principle are the same as over current protection. When the circuit is short, the system will cut off the circuit to protect.
6.[Battery balancing] To make sure the voltage of the cells in the battery pack is consistent. Lvbu BMS system uses load-consumption type balance to keep the voltage tolerance of all the cells within 5mV.
The safety of the battery is the most important part of Lvbu's products. We will try our best to ensure the safety of the battery. We have never had a single battery explosion or burning case since the foundation of Lvbu company.
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