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Introduction of Wireless display with throttle
The wireless display with throttle integrates the display and the throttle together. We can use it to read the speed and set the parameters of the kit, and also we can use it as a throttle to control the Ebike. ?The display connects to the kit via bluetooth, we don’t need to connect a cable between the display and the kit. ? The display can replace the smart phone APP for the fundamental functions: search and connect the kit, calibrate the gyroscope, set the assist grade and display the cycling data. ? The kit can not connect to the display and the mobile APP at the same time. When it is connected to one device, the other device can not be connected at the same time. For example when the phone is connected, you need to switch off the bluetooth of the phone before you connect it to the display. If you want to know more about the functions of the wireless display, please check the link below:
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