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What are the differences and advantages of Lvbu ebike kit and the traditional ebike kit?
Lvbu ebike kit is super easy to install, because there are no external sensors at all. There is no cable or less cables than the other kits. And also it is an intelligent assist ebike system. The assist system is based on the speed, acceleration, the slope of the road, and the assist level that you set in the APP or display, calculating out the power you need. It will assist you automatically when you pedaling. The motor will not work until the speed reaches 5km/h. When you brake, the system can sense the decrease of speed and reduce the power or shutdown the motor. And when you make a little bit more effort on pedaling, the system can sensor the increase of the speed and give you more power. The system will also increase the power when you go uphill and shut down the motor when go downhill. And the kit can also be controller by the optional wireless thumb throttle. When you push the thumb throttle, the bike will be fully driven by electric power, but when you release it the assist system will kick in again automatically.
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