Seat bag battery design-Lvbu BT series Ebike kit

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Seat bag battery design-Lvbu BT series Ebike kit

source:facebook 03-12

BT battery is seat-shaped, which is compact and concealed. It only takes 8 minutes to complete the installation steps such as replacing the front wheel, installing the controller, connecting the seat bag, then the normal bicycle can be transformed into a smart electric bicycle. There are 30 and 40 batteries for selection, and the assist range can reach 90-120km.

It is suitable for the most of models on the market, and the tire size is available from 16-29 inches, and it is also equipped with 700cc.

The battery material of the BT series is made of nylon waterproof material. If there is rain splashing, the water droplets will fall off automatically to achieve the waterproof effect. IP65 waterproof performance, can let you ride freely even in rainy days! The charging time is only need 3-4 hours, and it adopts a seat bag design, which is compact and convenient to remove and charge in anywhere.

With D series and V series support, also have front and rear wheels for you to choose, to meet most riding needs.

18650 power lithium-ion battery, the battery capacity is 36V 11.6AH, the service life can reach 5-10 years, with the Taiwan high-performance and high-safety BMS battery protection system support.

It can be connected with Bluetooth and mobile phone APP to control the speed and performance,like the assist level,assist model,riding data,etc. with large battery capacity and strong assist range , suitable for outdoor riding.

Choose Lvbu for easy riding, giving you a different riding experience.