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  • How to ride more easily and effortlessly?

    How to ride more easily and effortlessly?1.Carry out training within the strength that your body can adapt to.Don't ride too far at a time,step by step,and slowly exercise your riding ability.2.Adjust the cadence appropriately.The cadence during riding refers to the number of pedal cycles in one min...
  • What kind of experience is if the ordinary bicycle add an ebike conversion kit?

    LVBU micro-power system ebike conversion kit, coupled with our unique design, exclusive wireless Bluetooth 5.0, APP control, will make you from not liking to really fall in love with riding from the first sight to bring you unlimited fun.And what’s the reason???First,the installation is&nb...
  • Lvbu Ebike Conversion Kit--Simple Unique&Stylish

    How long does it take to convert a bike to an electric bike?The actual cost to convert a bike to electric varies a good bit. It depends on the brand you choose, how powerful the motor you choose is, what type of battery you get, and a few other important specifications.Lvbu ebike conversion kits onl...
  • What is the difference between all in one wheel series and battery separated series?

    The most obvious difference is the all in one wheel has built-in battery while the separate model has the external battery. [All in one series] integrate the battery, motor, and control module all inside the wheel. You don’t need to connect any able or external sensor at all. The all in on...
  • How to choose a electric bike conversion kit?

    What are the necessary elements to choose a bike kit?No1. Lvbu ebike kit is super easy to install, There is no cable or less cables than the other kits. Other ebike conversion kits with many wires and complicated installation, which takes a long time to install.No.2 We used High-speed brushless moto...
  • Multifunction Bottle Battery Ebike Kit KF Series

    KF series is our new design,which only has one cable connection and super easy to fit without special tools.Just 2 steps to convert a normal bike into a smart ebike.What makes KF series special is its bottle battery.The bottle battery is not only small and light , but also can be taken away for char...
  • Fit for 26*4.0 Fat Tyre Ebike Conversion KIT

    Are you still worried about how to find a right tire size e-bike kit? The electric bike kits produced by our company are suitable for every size of bicycles on the market. It has mulptiple wheel sizes from 16" to 29" and 700C. We alse have different type of ebike kit for city bikes, road bikes, moun...
  • 2 important factors to choose an ebike conversion kit

    Ebike conversion kits are becoming more and more popular in the market, and there are many brands for us to choose. There are 2 important factors to consider when choosing an ebike conversion kit, the first factor is installation and the second is waterproofing, which we will explain separately tod...
  • How to store your ebike kit?

    Low-carbon travel has become more and more popular. Naturally, bicycles have become a Essential requirements for families. However, if the distance is a little farther, the bicycles will be more laborious. The appearance of bicycle modification kits solves everyone's troubles. Today we will Learn ho...
  • 2022 New electric bike conversion kit

    Electric bikes are gaining popularity among commuters, sports riders and enthusiasts. New motor technology and powerful rechargeable batteries ushered in the era of high-performance battery-powered bikes. Converting your own favorite model of bike to an e-bike gives you the best of both worlds. The...
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