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  • How to save time and effort to upgrade your bike?

    With the continuous development of science and technology, electric bicycles have become a current choice for more and more people to travel and exercise daily. It not only retains the flexibility and environmental protection of traditional bicycles, but also makes riding easier through the help of ...
  • How to choose an electric bike motor?

    At present, the power motor system on the market can be divided into two kinds of central motor and wheel motor. That numerous riders in the purchase of motor will receive such advice: select the motor, do not choose the wheel motor. In fact, the two motors have their own advantages and disadvantage...
  • How many kilometers are suitable for cycling to work?

    Global warming and environmental pollution have consistently been hot topics around the world, and with the concept of green travel gaining popularity in recent years, the boom of urban cycling has also come. More and more young people have begun to fall in love with this sport. So, how to judge whe...
  • Avoiding the safety risks of electric bicycles - LVBU Technology can accomplish this.

    In recent years, electric bicycles have become a popular and affordable means of transportation for numerous households. However, along with the convenience they bring to our lives, the increasing number of fire accidents caused by electric bicycles poses a serious threat to people's lives and prope...
  • Bike Festival: Pass on health and happiness

    Adults and children can participate in the 2024 Argus Cycling Festival in Vienna, Austria, on April 14,2024. People enjoy riding, enjoying the sun and wind, feeling healthy and happy.At the Bike Festival, they can expect a variety of activities such as bike races, demonstrations of the latest bike m...
  • Revolutionizing Food Delivery: The LVBU KZ60S Ebike Kit in Africa

    In bustling cities across Africa, where food delivery is not just a convenience but a lifeline for many, the introduction of the LVBU KZ60S Ebike Kit has been a game-changer. This groundbreaking technology was brought to Africa through the partnership between LVBU and Karaa, a le...
  • Empowering Cycling: The Rise of Electric Assist Bike kits

    The cycling culture is leading the healthy and vigorous development of the bicycle industry. With a history of a hundred years, bicycles are evolving from simple means of transportation to important tools integrating transportation, tourism, leisure, entertainment, fitness, and competition. In this ...
  • The new trend in cycling, Lvbu enjoys intelligent riding

    With the development and popularization of the automotive industry, the traditional bicycle industry has faced great survival pressure. However, the rise of environmental protection and low-carbon trends has once again made bicycles a beloved mode of transportation and fitness tool for people."Cycli...
  • How Ebike Kits Can Enhance Your Fitness and Wellness Journey

    In the realm of modern transportation and fitness, the emergence of electric bikes, or ebikes, has sparked a revolution in the way people approach commuting, leisure riding, and physical activity. Among the various ebike solutions available, the Lvbu KD Ebike Kit stands out as an innovative and vers...
  • Environmental Protection Technology Integration: Electric Bike Kit

    As global climate change and environmental pollution become increasingly prominent issues, the concept of sustainable travel has become a focal point for people's attention. In this context, the electric bike kit, as an environmentally friendly technological product, is gradually integrating into pe...