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  • Lvbu ebike conversion kit--BY bottle battery series charging function

    Are you interested in our ebike conversion kits?Today i will introduce our BY bottle battery series for you,i will introduce our Bottle battery to you in details!For the BY bottle battery, we have Black, Silver and Colorful for option,you c...
  • Got a long ride planned?

    Want to convert your bike, but not sure which type of conversion kit is right for you? Got a long ride planned? Or just want to extend your range? Get an extra bottle battery and you can quickly swap them while out and about to help you get the most out of your bike.Electric bikes have a lower carb...
  • Buying an e-bike or modifying your own?

    Lvbu provide DIY electric bike kits. In our shop you can find different kind of conversion kits which you can convert your bike into an electric bike. From our own experience and feedback from satisfied customers, we know that almost all types of bikes can be modified with great results.You have yo...
  • Easy Riding-Happy Life

    Electric bikes are becoming more accessible and affordable because the technological advancements and growing interest in alternative modes of transportation. But don’t have e-bike cheaper than the bike you already have, and everyday riders will love this easy-to-install, lightweight e-bike conversi...
  • Is the electric bike kit worth to buy?

    With the progress and development of society, people's transportation are constantly changing. However, due to its convenience, flexibility and low cost, bicycles are still accepted and used by the public, Whether in the richest or poorest regions of the world, it can be seen everywhere.If you have ...
  • Lvbu ebike Kit-Let you fall in love with riding

    Electric bicycle provide us with efficient mobility and it is one of the most sustainable and healthy means of transportation of our era , playing a central role in future mobility.Lvbu e bike conversion kit built-in intelligent system, which integrated the motor, battery, and controller all in one...
  • Lvbu Ebike Kit--Merry Christmas

    The annual Christmas is coming. Have you thought about what to buy for your relatives and friends as Christmas gifts? Why not consider our ebike conversion kit?As an ebike kit, Lvbu Wheel has beautiful design, simple installation and also detachable. Because of its high quality and reliability, it i...
  • Lvbu KF Series-Bluetooth 5.0 Era

    Lvbu KF series has been sold after many tests and modifications. The KF series has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 system, supports multiple devices to connect to the kit at the same time, the battery is not easy to scratch,multiple design processes, and more durable during use. Assist range of KF series c...
  • Lvbu ebike kit-electric bike conversion kit with battery

    Cycling is one of the most sustainable ways to travel. If you have a pedal bike you like, a e bike conversion kit with battery is an excellent investment. It provides reliable performance at a price significantly lower than that of a brand new dedicated electric bike. Compared with riding a bicycle ...
  • Best electric bike conversion kits: Give your bike a power boost

    What is the meaning of electric bicycles? It not only saves your time--bikes can take more direct routes, are less affected by traffic, and do not need to find parking spaces everywhere.In addition, the power of an electric bicycle is much greater, because the range of roads it opens is much larger ...
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