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  • The best adjustment to reduce the injury of cycling to the knee!

    Most cyclists, whether professional or amateur, have experienced knee pain to some extent. Although cycling is relatively low-impact on the knees, repetitive movements over time can still cause damage. Simple methods can be used to relieve early-stage knee pain, but chronic pain accumulated over a l...
  • Give your bike a chance of rebirth and hope!

    Easter is a festival full of vitality and hope, and it is also a good time to enjoy outdoor activities. For those who love cycling, a bicycle is an essential companion. However, traditional bicycles can sometimes make people feel tired because they require enough physical strength to move forward.Th...
  • LvBu Electric Bike Kit - Upgrade Your Bike to an Easifit Ebike!

    Do you love cycling, but sometimes find it too tiring or time-consuming? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a brushless hub motor wheel without having to buy a new one? Electric motor for bicycle is the best choice!Electric bike front wheel conversion kit is a revolutionary product that allows you...
  • As an amateur cyclist, would you choose an electric-assist bicycle?

    Do you struggle with climbing hills and experience knee pain after riding for several dozen kilometers? An electric-assist bicycle may be the solution to these problems. Some people may scoff at the idea of using an electric assist kit, thinking that it defeats the purpose of exercising. However, a...
  • Lvbu BZ series electric bike conversion kit--let you enjoy long distance riding

    Bicycle as a means of transportation is both environmentally friendly and healthy. If you want a bicycle as a short or long distance transportation tool, further extending its range, switching to electric-assisted bikes is a good solution. Recently, Lvbu Technology has developed a high endurance BZ ...
  • Do you know the origin of electric bikes?

    Electric bikes originated in Japan in the late 1980s and early 1990s, known as PAS (Power Assist System), that is, "electric assist bike".In Japan, electric bikes are only allowed to use proportional power assist control system, that is to say, they must be a hybrid operation mode of "manpower + ele...
  • Advantages of electric assisted cycling

    As a green and healthy means of exercise, cycling has many benefits. It is not only low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but also can exercise our body well, and help improve heart and lung function. Besides, watching the beautiful scenery along the way while cycling can also let the tired body ...
  • How to turn your old bike into an electric bike scientifically?

    As one of the three major items in the 1960s and 1970s, bicycles played an important role in people's lives and have been popularized in most households. With the development of the economy, the appearance of electric bicycle wheel has provided many conveniences for commuting, and bicycles have grad...
  • Turn your old bike into a super cool electric bike wheel now!

    LvBu electric bike conversion kit is an innovative product designed for cycling enthusiasts. It can convert a traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle wheel, providing users with a more convenient riding experience. Whether you are commuting to work or leisurely riding at weekends, LvBu ebike co...
  • Do you know how to convert a normal bicycle to an intelligent ebike?

    The popularity of electric bike conversion kit has also made a group of modifiers appear because the prices of most electric power assist vehicles are not cheap, and modification can save half of the cost, allowing people to experience the fun of electric bike wheel with less money.However, as we al...
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