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  • Cycling season is here, remember the 5 don'ts of cycling!

    With the arrival of spring, the earth is rejuvenated, and the cycling season quietly approaches. During this season, with the bright sunshine and gentle breeze, it is the perfect time for cycling. However, while enjoying the joy and freedom that cycling brings, we must not overlook the importance of...
  • Electric-assist cycling is changing more than just commuting methods.

    With the rapid development of technology, electric-assist cycling, as a new type of transportation, has gradually integrated into our daily lives. With its unique advantages, it has not only changed people's commuting methods, but also demonstrated tremendous potential in areas such as health, envir...
  • For cycling beginners, how many kilometers are suitable for one day?

    Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of exercising, and more and more beginners are choosing cycling as their entry-level sport. However, for beginners, how many kilometers should be cycled in a day?For cycling beginners, the first few days should focus on getting familiar with cycl...
  • Do you often get blown out while riding your bike uphill?

    Cycling enthusiasts, have you ever felt powerless when climbing a hill and watched your companions disappear from sight one by one, leaving you alone struggling on the slope? The pain of being ripped apart must be something that every rider can relate to. However, I want to tell you that this is not...
  • What should be paid attention to when cycling in spring?

    In spring, when everything revives and nature is at its finest, it is a great time for cycling. However, while cycling is enjoyable, there are still considerations to keep in mind. Today, let's discuss some of the details to pay attention to when cycling in spring and explore the advantages of e-bik...
  • How can a cycling enthusiast ride 16,000 kilometers in a year?

    Riding 16,000 kilometers in a year is not an easy feat for an amateur cyclist. Even if you save time by skipping a meal every day, it would still disrupt your original plans. However, if you calculate it, you can ride about 300 kilometers per week (approximately 44 kilometers per day). At first glan...
  • Eco-friendly travel: How can an ebike kit help you reduce carbon emissions?

    In today's society, environmental protection has become a highly discussed topic, and eco-friendly travel, as an important aspect, is increasingly receiving attention. In this context, the ebike kit, as a new type of travel tool, is gradually gaining popularity among people. This article will explor...
  • Addicted to cycling? Try an ebike kit for a healthier ride!

    Cycling, an environmentally friendly and energetic form of exercise, has attracted a growing number of enthusiasts. From city streets to rural landscapes, more and more people are choosing cycling as their preferred mode of transportation and fitness activity. The joy of cycling lies in the freedom ...
  • Starting from scratch! Lvbu Ebike Kit installation guide, easily DIY your dream riding tool

    With the increasing congestion of urban traffic and people's emphasis on environmentally friendly travel methods, electric bicycles have become a popular and convenient means of transportation. For bike enthusiasts, converting a regular bicycle into an electric one offers a whole new riding experien...
  • Why is it difficult for electric-assist bicycles to integrate into the cycling environment?

    With the advancement of technology, electric-assist bicycles have gradually entered people's vision. They are favored by many cycling enthusiasts due to their unique advantages, such as improving cycling efficiency and reducing the burden of cycling. However, despite the many advantages of electric-...