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  • Introduction of Lvbu ebike wheel kit waterproof Performance

    All the Lvbu ebike kits have the waterproof grade of IP65.You can ride it in the rain, but it’s better not park the bike in the rain for a long time. The motor of Lvbu adopts imported waterproof bearings from SKF, the controller is sprayed with waterproof glue and filled with glue, and the batt...
  • Lvbu Ebike Wheel Kit-- Makes You Fall In Love With Riding

    If you are looking for a reliable front wheel e-bike conversion kit to speed up your bike, this is the model for you. The motor power and efficiency are good, making for a smooth and easy ride. Because the kit use High-speed Brushless DC motor, it runs quietly. What's more, it can be connected with ...
  • Lvbu.Tech--Our Services

    Jiangxi Lvbu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2014, We develop and manufacture easy installation electric bike kit.1. We offer all kinds of ready-to-ship electric bike conversion kits, meanwhile, all parts of our electric bike kits are directly supplied from our own factory, including m...
  • Best E-Bike Conversion Kits in 2022

    Since the company started in 2014, lvbu has been delivering the best experience in electric bike conversion kit. The company has an experienced and skilled R&D team full of vigor and dreams, lvbu electric conversion bike systems have been sold to thousands of electric bike riders worldwide and ...
  • Explore Lvbu Electric Bike Kits for Sale

    When choosing the best electric bike conversion kits, we considered the installation, power output, ease of controls, design, extra features, cost, customer reviews, and more. It completely changes the way you ride. Convert your bike into a smart electric bike with this easy-to-install and full-fea...
  • DIY Electric Bike Conversion Kit For Selection

    While many people find it easiest and most convenient to simply buy a new e-bike, others may find it more appealing to convert an existing bike to an e-bike by adding a motor and battery. This option has its own pros and cons, and ultimately, whether you convert your traditional bike or buy a comple...
  • Current Hot Spot --Lvbu Simple Ebike Conversion Kit

    Bicycles are Eco-friendly and healthy as a means of transportation. If you want to use a bicycle as a short-distance transportation and further extend its assist range,using an electric bike conversion kit is a great option.Aside from fitting into any bike , Lvbu ebike kit's big selling point is tha...
  • Assist Range Introduction Of Lvbu Ebike Wheel Kit

    Lvbu Ebike wheel kit have 5 kinds of product on sale. Because of the different design,different battery capacities, the assist range is naturally different. Next, I will introduce them to you in detail. All in one ebike kit series The first is our BX series, the BX series is an integrated wheel kit,...
  • Is the Lvbu front wheel bike kit unsafe?

    In the consciousness of many cycling modification enthusiasts, most of the modification kits are rear wheels. They are worried about whether the front wheel is safe and whether there is a risk of the front wheel being thrown out when turning at high speed. What should I do if it is thrown out? ...
  • What are the functions of APP Wepower?

    Lvbu smart ebike kit, with easy installation, intelligent control, not only can connected to the Bluetooth display to control the assist level and also can view the riding data, but also can be connected to the APP to achieve more intelligent riding.  The APP functions of Lvbu ebike wheel ...
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