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  • Best Ebike Kit Solutions For You

    Cycling is a great recreational activity, not only for exercise, but also can for a short commute. But do you want to be able to ride a bicycle at a faster speed without consuming physical strength? E-bike conversion kit, you can add motors, rechargeable batteries and various new electric functions ...
  • What kind of experience if you have a Lvbu Ebike kit?

    As we all know, the difference between electric bicycles and ordinary bicycles.Ordinary bicycle: beautiful, concise, low-carbon, but physically demanding,especially when going uphill.Electric bicycles : retain the beauty of ordinary bicycles, concise, and low-carbon performance, and can ride on stee...
  • BZ series-with rear shelf design

    After a long period of research and testing, Lvbu's new products are finally ready began to sale. Our BZ series bicycle kit with a rear shelf design, also the electric bicycle kit with battery included,assist range can reach 150-180 kilometers. Suitable for all types of bicycles, supporting most whe...
  • Lvbu Ebike kit-suitable for all bicycles

    Low-carbon travel has increasingly become a popular mode of travel. Because is very convenient to use. But the biggest drawback of bicycles is physical exertion, so electric bicycle conversion kit are Used more and more widely. Lvbu wheel, only three minutes to replace the front wheel, equipped with...
  • Lvbu--a domestic brand that has emerged quietly

    "E-Bike"-is a popular combination words at home and abroad in recent years, derived from "Electric-Bicycle", it means bicycles with electric assistance,commonly known as electric bicycles. As people's concept of low-carbon and environmental protection is becoming more stronger, various scooters are ...
  • Lvbu Ebike kit-the first choice for commuting

    For some office workers who "walk is too far then take a car is too close", a power-assisted electric bicycle can solve the congestion problem at the peak of work without requiring too much physical effort, which is very convenient. For some short-distance office workers, it is a new type of transpo...
  • Bluetooth Display- A Multifunctional Display

    Lvbu wheel can not only be connected with a mobile phone APP, but also equipped with a Bluetooth Display. Which installed on the handle bar to record speed, mileage and other riding data.The shape of wireless display is an LCD screen with three buttons. The three buttons have different functions. Pr...
  • Regarding the Lvbu logo, we have something to say

    As one of the countries with the longest history in the world, China has a history of five thousand years. There was a period which called the Three Kingdoms period. And Lvbu was a great hero in the Three Kingdoms period. Both he and his mount which called“Red rabbit horse”were the influential figur...
  • Lvbu Ebike kit--low carbon travel enjoy free riding

    As a cyclist, there is nothing better than the simple pleasure of a bicycle. There is no traffic jam for commuting to work, no traffic jam for short trips, and you can enjoy the scenery along the way. The only shortcoming is that it takes physical effort. The appearance of Lvbu wheel has take the fu...
  • Lvbu wheel-Spring is also a romance from afar

    Spring is coming, just want to go on a purposeless trip, basking in the sun and stay in a quiet and slow place with flowers and seas and doing nothing. Busy work, trivial daily life, and fast-paced life make the original life dull. It is a enjoyable things to take a cycling trip to view the scenery...
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