Where are you going to ride today?

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Where are you going to ride today?

source:facebook 06-28

Are you still worrying that express delivery and food delivery can't arrive quickly?
Riding a bicycle is too exhausting and too slow, and often get exhausted before the destination is reached.
Riding an electric bike will afraid that there will be no electricity halfway through the ride.

Lvbu wheel helps you solve all the problems, super long assist range , and helps you quickly get to wherever you want to go. If you ride for a long time, you can also equip an extra battery to ensure sufficient power. If the battery is out of power, it can be used as an ordinary bicycle, even if it is no power, there is no resistance on normal riding.

It is also very suitable for family excursions on weekends.Take your parents out on spring and spend more time company with them.
If you have a cycle team, whether you are 30 or 60 years old, who love cycling and think cycling is a very interesting thing. Lvbu wheel is very suitable for your team and can make you go further。