What is the difference between all in one wheel series and battery separated series?

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What is the difference between all in one wheel series and battery separated series?

source:Lvbu Tech Creation time:2022-09-16

The most obvious difference is the all in one wheel has built-in battery while the separate model has the external battery. 
[All in one series] integrate the battery, motor, and control module all inside the wheel. You don’t need to connect any able or external sensor at all. The all in one wheel series has 3 models: BX10D, BX20D and BX30D. BX10D has 10 cells and 2.9Ah, BX20D has 20 cells and 5.8Ah, BX30D has 30 cells and 8.7Ah. The biggest capacity of the battery pack that the hub can contain is 30 cells. The waterproof grade is IP65. It’s free to ride in the rain. At the same time, its installation is also the easiest, it just takes 3 minutes to replace the front wheel to convert. 

[separated battery series] The battery, motor, and electric control are installed separately to different positions of the bicycle, and connected by one or two cables, the battery can be taken out to charge. It’s very easy to install too. There are several different battery capacities for choosing: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 cells. And the longest range is up to 180 KM. The water proof grade is also IP65. There is no worry to ride in the rain. It takes just 5-8 minutes to finish the installation. There are 4 different series: KF, BY, BT and BZ series.

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