How to overcome the fatigue period of cycling?

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How to overcome the fatigue period of cycling?

source:Lvbu Tech 04-13

Whether you are an amateur cyclist or a cycling enthusiast, it is inevitable to experience a period of fatigue when cycling for a long time. In fact, any exercise will have a period of fatigue. However, how to overcome this period of fatigue is a subject to be learned.

Humans are creatures that love novelty and hate repetition. Therefore, when encountering a bicycle for the first time, it is easy to be overjoyed and feel like opening up a new world. But human nature is cruel. They get bored easily with repetitive things and lose interest in them. Many people go crazy about cycling when they first start, taking pictures and checking-in everywhere. However, they gradually find it boring and soon another bike is added to the corner of their home. So, don't be surprised.

To add some freshness, the most important thing to overcome the period of fatigue is to check how you ride a bike, which mainly includes three points: cycling route, cycling intensity, and who you ride with.

About cycling route:
If you are an amateur cyclist, your cycling route will naturally be limited and easy to repeat. We recommend that you draw a circle with a radius of 50 kilometers around your home and search online for cycling routes within this circle. what are the good scenic spots or local foods worth visiting? or ask on social media, such as online forums or friends' circles, etc. by riding on different routes, you will experience the fun of cycling.

About cycling intensity:
If you are a cycling enthusiast, you must demand yourself to achieve a certain weekly mileage. But if you feel mentally and physically exhausted and don't want to ride a bike, then all the training is meaningless. So, it is okay to take a break. try doing other exercises, eating good food, and changing your mood.

About cycling companions:
After all, humans are social animals, and being alone for too long can lead to boredom. Therefore, we suggest that you use cycling as a way to expand your social circle rather than just a tool for exercise. Try joining a local cycling group, chatting and visiting nearby bike shops, participating in friends' cycling events, etc. When cycling is no longer just a means of transportation, but a part of your life, it will not be boring.

What if I am not sociable and have no motivation? You can try the Lvbu wheel KF electric bike kit, which can turn your bicycle into an electric bike. The Lvbu wheel KF series electric bike conversion is simple, including a motor wheel, a water bottle battery, a bracket controller, a charger, and installation tools. Installation only requires replacing the front wheel, installing the bracket controller, and plugging in the water bottle battery. It only takes 3 minutes in total and is very friendly to riders with weak hands-on ability. After modification, unless you look closely, you can hardly tell that it is an electric-assisted bike, which looks almost the same as a regular bicycle. It uses a 250W high-speed brushless motor, which is powerful, small in size, and runs smoothly. Even if there is no power, there is no magnetic resistance when riding.

The battery is designed like a water bottle, which is beautiful and easy to carry, and easy to charge. The bracket controller and the battery are also designed with buckles to firmly fix the battery and prevent it from loosening, making it safer. There are also many ingenious designs on the water bottle battery. The bottle body is finely sprayed with powder, which is not easy to scratch. There is also a circle of ring-shaped power indicator lights on the top, with a total of 10 light beads. One represents 10% of the power. Lightly tap the bottle twice to activate the lights, making it easy to check the current power and charge it in time. It uses automotive-grade 18650 power lithium batteries, protected by a wireless distribution BMS protection system, ensuring battery safety, stability, and waterproofing, with a beautiful and integrated structure.

The controller has an intelligent micro-power system controller that has many functions such as 5.0 Bluetooth connection, intelligent Alibaba Cloud IOT service, and gyroscope attitude control, which can realize automatic power-assisted function. The charger is a 2A charger with high conversion efficiency, anti-current reverse flow, and automatically cuts off the power when charging is complete, with high safety.

These are some suggestions for overcoming the period of fatigue, which I hope can be used as a reference. After all, cycling not like running only require a pair of shoes, and the upfront investment requires a certain amount of money, and it is a pity to let it be left in the corner to dust.