Some Practical Methods to Make Your Cycling Faster and More Efficient

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Some Practical Methods to Make Your Cycling Faster and More Efficient

source:Lvbu Tech 05-12

Do you know how to make cycling faster and more efficient? This is not only a question often asked by beginners, but also one that experienced riders constantly think about. Today, we will share with you some practical methods to make your cycling faster and more efficient.

【Cycling Skills】
Choose a gear ratio that suits your pedaling strength. Don't waste your energy on a gear ratio that you can't handle. Quickly switch to a lower gear ratio and maintain an even and strong pedaling frequency. Keep your pedaling frequency within a suitable range, for example, beginners can maintain a pedaling frequency of around 80-90, while experienced riders can control it at around 100-110.

【Cycling on Different Road Conditions】
Adjust the gear ratio according to the road conditions. For example, when facing headwinds or uphill, you can reduce the gear ratio to make pedaling easier, while when going downhill or with tailwinds, you can increase the gear ratio to improve pedaling efficiency. In short, keep your pedaling frequency.

【Don't Focus on High Speed】
Don't worry about the highest speed you can achieve for a few seconds. Maintaining the best state for a longer period of time is the key to improving your average speed.

【Pedaling Habits】
Just keep pedaling! Many people believe that to increase pedaling frequency during cycling, the back foot should also help to pull up through the shoe. However, this practice not only does not improve efficiency, but also makes you more tired and reduces speed. Even in fixed gear cycling, there is no need for the back foot to pull up to increase power.
So, after giving up the upward action, when is the best time for the front foot to exert force? Starting from the 10 o'clock direction to the 1 o'clock direction, exert force by pushing down, until the 3 o'clock direction to obtain maximum pedaling power. In addition, keeping the angle of the foot and calf fixed during the downward pedaling process is also a good pedaling habit to maintain high efficiency.

【Strength Training】
Your hip strength, thigh strength, and core strength are the key factors that determine pedaling frequency. Therefore, after correcting your pedaling habits, it is recommended to do various strength training exercises (such as squats) to improve the strength of key muscles.

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