Why Choosing a Bicycle Commute is Better than Using a Car?

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Why Choosing a Bicycle Commute is Better than Using a Car?

source:Lvbu Tech 05-16

With the economic growth in recent years, it seems that almost every family has a car, and many young people buy cars as soon as they start earning money. However, they do not consider the subsequent usage costs. In particular, when the oil prices were low around 2020, many young people chose to travel by car. But with the oil prices doubling, combined with the impact of the epidemic on incomes, many people who commute by car have opted for cheaper modes of transportation such as buses, subways, bicycles, and electric bikes.

Of course, we cannot control the rise in oil prices, but we can choose another means of commuting. Nowadays, the world is advocating for low-carbon emission and green travel, which makes it the perfect time to choose cycling as a greener, low-carbon mode of commuting. This not only contributes to the global environment but also saves money and provides physical exercise. Therefore, facing the soaring oil prices, we can try using bicycles as a means of transportation, and the following are reasons why bicycle commuting is better than using a car.

Suppose you use a domestic car model with a 1.4L engine displacement, with an approximate fuel consumption of 8 liters per hundred kilometers, and a commuting distance of about 2000 kilometers per month. The total mileage per year will reach 24,000 kilometers. Based on the current price of 92 octane gasoline (7.3 CNY/L), the annual fuel cost will be around 14,000 CNY. That means the fuel cost for one-year can be used to buy a pretty decent commuting bike, and the lifespan of a bicycle is far more than just one year.

Driving a car can be fun, but if you encounter traffic jams, speed limitations, pedestrians, and endless red lights during your commute, these experiences can completely ruin the joy of driving. Cycling, on the other hand, is relatively free as you can weave through various non-motorized lanes comfortably. Moreover, in warm weather, you can enjoy the joy of cycling during your routine journey.

If you commute by bicycle, you no longer need to fight for parking space with others, nor do you have to circle around nearby areas near the office to find a small parking lot for your car. For bicycles, it is much easier to find a parking space specifically designated for them, and some companies even allow you to bring your bike into your work area.

Chinese cities develop very fast, with constant road repairs and constructions that impede the progress of cars and other motor vehicles. If you commute by bike, you can completely ignore these road disruptions. As long as the space is accessible and traversable for people, bicycles can easily pass through.

Most workers now work from nine to five daily, and after busy work, they just want to return home and rest, lacking exercise. However, cycling is an excellent form of exercise to maintain good health, and we do not need to make extra time for going to the gym to exercise since we can complete exercises during daily commutes.

However, some people may complain that cycling to work is too tiring, and if the distance is too far, it requires too much time and energy. To address this problem, Lvbu Technology has launched an intelligent electric bicycle kit that can turn a regular bicycle into an efficient, time-saving transportation tool in just three minutes. By replacing the front wheel with a Lvbu motorized wheel and installing the bottle-shaped battery, long-distance cycling will no longer be a problem.

The most eye-catching element of Lvbu's popular KF series electric bike is undoubtedly its bottle-shaped battery design. Unlike its early All-in-One wheel series, KF bottle battery is a split-wheel series. Its battery adopts a bottle-shaped design, using 30 18650-grade automotive power lithium-ion batteries, with a capacity of 36v9Ah, and an assisted range of up to 90km, making it very suitable for daily short to mid-range commuting. The battery casing comes in red, black, and blue, with a finely sprayed surface that is not easy to scratch. The bottle body has ten LED display lights that indicate the battery level, with one light representing 10% of the remaining battery power. Simply turn on the power switch at the bottle lid to supply power. If not in use for a long time, the power can be turned off to prolong the battery storage time. In addition, the Type-C dual charging port design fully demonstrates the quality of the product. 

The product comes with an adapter, and the battery can also be used as an emergency power bank to charge your mobile phone. The controller is designed at the bottom of the bottle support bracket, which, when combined with the battery, looks chic and fashionable. With only one wire connecting to the front motor, the configuration is simple, and installation is easy. Just replace the front wheel, install the bottle support bracket, and insert the bottle battery. The support bracket is equipped with a snap design between the bottom and the bottle battery, and it comes with a key lock to securely lock the battery in place. The bottle remains stable during cycling and does not sway, providing better safety.

After modification, the bicycle has a hybrid drive system with five driving modes: commuting, leisure, exercise, climbing, and manual. Users can adjust them according to their daily needs. For leisurely cycling, choose the leisure mode; for climbing or accelerating, use the climbing mode; while commuting, choose the commuting mode, which maintains high assist power throughout the journey; for sports training, select the exercise mode, which adjusts the assist curve to warm up, sprint, and buffer the process. If you want to adjust the assistance level at any time, you can use manual mode, which allows you to adjust the assistance level from 0 to 99. With electric assistance, even novices who have no riding experience can easily start, climb hills and go where they could not go before.

In response to the country's call for energy conservation and emissions reduction, I think cycling is the most suitable option. Regardless, cycling is an excellent choice, especially with the rise in oil prices. Joining the cycling community may be the best move yet.