LVBU KN Series Electric Bike Conversion Kit - Upgrade Your Bike to an Ebike in Just 5 Minutes!

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LVBU KN Series Electric Bike Conversion Kit - Upgrade Your Bike to an Ebike in Just 5 Minutes!

source:Lvbu Tech 06-15

Cycling, once you hit the road, it's hard to stop. When riding, you can feel your heartbeat and listen to your breath. You will find that there is a lot of free time during cycling, allowing you to think about some problems that you don't have time to think about in your daily life. Without pressure and with a clear mind, the answers may come out inadvertently, and this enjoyable way of thinking is also a kind of happiness.

You may encounter many funny and happy things during the ride, which deepen your fondness for riding, and afterwards, you may have made like-minded friends and stay connected with them.

You can ride your bike on the lakefront, feeling the breeze and having fun. You will discover some scenery that you had previously overlooked.

Once you have climbed many hills, big or small, you begin to yearn for the distant mountains, and then you become unstoppable.

Sometimes you may be so tired that you can't even speak, especially when cycling hills, and you may feel pain, fatigue, and even despair. However, if you persist and use 10 or 20 meters ahead as your goal, you can gradually climb up and after several hours, when you stand at the top of the mountain and look back at the road you came from, do you still remember those small ditches, bumps, and rocks that seemed insurmountable at the time? It is similar to our lives in many ways.

You will realize that beautiful scenery and delicious food are not everything in cycling. You should also know that sweating profusely is not just an adjective, you can easily get caught in a torrential rainstorm and get splashed with mud. But who cares? Once you hit the road, you will definitely gain something.

Cycling is really a passionate sport! With the development of technology, there are now even more fun and practical options, such as electric bike conversion kits. It can visibly transform your bike into an ebike, giving you more freedom and convenience.

At the same time, riding an electric bike also has more benefits. For example, even if you are gasping for breath, you can still accelerate forward, and even on steep mountain roads, you can climb easily. Moreover, you can freely adjust the assistance level and speed according to your needs, and handle different situations and road conditions with ease.

LVBU KN Series electric bike kit - the smart and efficient way to upgrade your bike to electric bike in just 5 minutes! With its beautiful bottle battery design, optional Bluetooth display with thumb throttle, and smart assist system, the LVBU KN series front wheel ebike kit is designed to give you a enjoyable riding experience.

Featuring five smart assist modes, a 36v 250w hub motor, and a maximum speed of up to 32 km/h, this e-bike kit is perfect for commuting, leisure rides, or even long-distance travel. Its assist range can go up to 60 km, giving you more freedom to explore the outdoors.

The LVBU KN series bicycle electric motor kit fits every size of bike, with multiple sizes from 16" to 29" and 700C. Its multifunctional bottle includes a side power switch with a dust cover, a type-c charging port that doubles as a mobile phone charger, and a hidden battery level display screen under the cover.

Equipped with a high-safety 18650 lithium battery, this e-bike kit is portable and detachable with an IP65 waterproof rating. It can fully charge in only 3 hours and is equipped with a high-performance and high-safety BMS battery protection system.

No need to worry about clutch or slope control when riding, the LVBU kit features a micro power system that offers intelligent assistance with induction brakes that have a response time of 10ms. The system can sense the speed, acceleration and road slope, it will help you automatically when you pedal.

An enjoyable ride is guaranteed with the LVBU KN series electric bike front wheel conversion kit. The GPS lost bike tracking, overspeed alarm, and IP65 waterproof grade make it safe and secure for all riders. The default maximum speed is 25km/h, but you can set the speed limitation up to 32km/h in the app.

Upgrade your bike today with the LVBU KN Series ebike conversion kit with battery and enjoy a happy riding experience!