What are the differences between LVBU and other brands?

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What are the differences between LVBU and other brands?

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Firstly, most of the cheap electric bicycle retrofit kits currently available on the market are based on traditional electronic controls. In contrast, the LVBU retrofit electric bike kit has significant differences in product performance and intelligence. LVBU adopts Bluetooth 5.0 and gyroscope attitude control technologies. With intelligent assistance set before riding, it can automatically increase assistance when going uphill and turn off the motor when going downhill. It also features intelligent brake sensing function, responding to braking within 10ms, ensuring safety and reliability. All control systems, BMS systems, and motor structures are independently developed by LVBU Technology, offering a highly intelligent and customized service to provide customers with a unique user experience. The system is equipped with five intelligent assist modes to adapt to various cycling scenarios.

Secondly, all the wheelsets of LVBU products are equipped with high-speed brushless motors, which have a structure of planetary gears and clutches. They are lightweight, compact, and free of magnetic resistance, allowing effortless riding without power. Other electric bike wheel conversion kit on the market that use low-speed hub motors do not have planetary gears and clutches, resulting in large size, heavy weight, and increased resistance when riding without power. LVBU offers a choice of 250W and 350W motor power, providing sufficient power to meet daily cycling needs.

Furthermore, LVBU offers a selection of 10-core, 20-core, 30-core, 40-core, 50-core, and 60-core 18650 lithium batteries, with varying assisted range from 30km to 180km. The battery cells have a capacity of 3000mA per cell, with an internal resistance of only 18mΩ. They support 3C high-rate discharge, offering higher consistency and energy density compared to similar products. The batteries can still retain 75% of their capacity after more than 1000 rapid charge-discharge cycles, and they have a lifespan of 5-10 years. They are equipped with a BMS protection system to ensure the safety, stability, and waterproofing of the battery. Additionally, the batteries have various integrated appearances such as integrated wheel-style, water bottle-style, luggage rack-style, and frame bag-style, providing abundant solutions for different retrofitting needs. Compared to other kits on the market, the battery's appearance is more sleek and atmospheric, seamlessly integrating with the original bicycle. The detachable and portable design reduces the risk of theft. The cycle electric kit is also available in multiple wheel sizes, ranging from 16 inches to 29 inches, suitable for most bicycles on the market, including road bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes, and tricycles.

In summary, the LVBU cycle conversion kit stands out from other electric hub motor kit for bike on the market due to its advanced technology, intelligent features, high-quality components, and versatile compatibility with various bicycles.

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