How can new cyclists stay together during rides?

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How can new cyclists stay together during rides?

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Today I'm going to share some secrets for new cyclists to stay together during rides. Let's all enjoy the joy of cycling and the freedom under the sun.

First, choose activities that suit your abilities:
1. Speed:
For regular mountain biking, cruising speed on flat roads is typically between 22-26 km/h, while for road biking, cruising speed on flat roads is usually between 30-33 km/h. As a new cyclist, aim for a speed 3-5 km/h slower than these averages. QS activities are typically 3-5 km/h faster. However, in urban areas with more traffic, speeds tend to be less stable, but the ride leader will arrange for regrouping, so there's no need to worry.

2. Intensity:
Intensity is mainly determined by the slope and distance of the route.
For mountain biking, a low-intensity ride is typically under 100 kilometers, a medium-intensity ride is 100-150 kilometers, and anything beyond 150 kilometers requires some level of fitness. For road biking, low-intensity rides are under 150 kilometers, medium-intensity rides are 150-220 kilometers, and anything beyond 220 kilometers is considered a QS activity.
Keep in mind that intensity also depends on factors such as road conditions, wind direction, temperature, etc. For example, in cold weather, you'll burn calories faster and may feel hungrier. If you're unsure, consult the activity organizer or ride leader directly.

Second, prepare thoroughly before the activity:
Once you've decided to participate in a ride, make sure to prepare adequately so that you can spend most of your time cycling rather than dealing with personal issues. When you decide to join an activity, have confidence in yourself and encourage yourself to complete the ride. Don't burden yourself with unnecessary thoughts; everyone is out here to have fun, and there aren't too many strict rules. Cyclists, especially those organizing activities or leading groups, are usually friendly and approachable. Let them know you're a beginner, and they'll likely accommodate your needs and help you learn along the way. Communication and interaction with fellow cyclists are the best ways to improve your skills.

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For beginners, not falling behind is a crucial concern. However, with a front hub e bike kit, you no longer have to worry about being left behind during rides. With the intelligent Bluetooth display and app control, you can always monitor your speed and battery level, and adjust the electric assistance easily to stay together with your friends and enjoy the ride together.

By installing a specialized ebike conversion kit, novice riders can effortlessly enjoy the fun of cycling without the worry of falling behind. Whether it's increasing your riding range, improving comfort, or staying together with fellow riders, this smart electric bike mod kit can meet your needs and make your rides easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable. Have a great time cycling!

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