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Common questions related with Lvbu products are listed. for further more questions, pls. click here.

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  • What if I tap the lock icon in the APP?

    When you tap the lock icon in the APP, the motor will be disabled. The motor will not work, but you can still ride the bike as a normal bike. When you move the bike, it will alarm (except the BT series, there is no buzzer inside the controller of BT series). And when you push the bike reversely ther...
  • Where can I see the battery level?

    You can see the battery level in the APP.
  • How does Lvbu wheel recognize uphill?

    Lvbu wheel has a built-in six-axis gyroscope, which can sense the slope of the road such as uphill and downhill. But if you want to detect the slope of the road correctly, you must calibrate the gyroscope angle on the level ground first. The way how gyroscope works is as below: ? The purpose of cali...
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