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  • Autumn Cycling Guide: Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Ride

    Adequate Warm-upWarming up before cycling helps quickly raise body temperature, withstand the chill of the wind, activate muscles, and get into the cycling state quickly.Check Your BicycleBefore every ride, ensure that your bicycle is in good working condition. Check the responsiveness of the brakes...
  • LVBU Ebike Kit to help you scientific and efficient cycling

    Electric power assistance (E-Bike) is currently a hot trend in the bicycle industry and has become one of the rapidly growing consumer products with a large market share. Manufacturers are investing more and more in the electric power assistance market and developing a variety of E-Bike products opt...
  • Upgrade Your Bike with LVBU Electric Bike Kit for Effortless Riding Experience

    Pedelec (E-Bike), a type of bicycle that has recently gained popularity in foreign markets, makes cycling easier and more enjoyable. Some people believe that electric-assist bicycles make cycling less pure, but it cannot be denied that electric-assist bicycles provide a better riding experience for ...
  • How to activate the power-assisted riding on LVBU electric bike kit ?

    1. After installing the bike conversion kit, download the LVBU app provided with the electric bicycle kit. For Android phones, scan the QR code in the instruction manual to download the app. For iPhone users, search for "We-Power" in the App Store to download the corresponding app.2. Once the app is...
  • 3 Tips to Make Your Electric Bike Conversion Kit More Durable

    As cycling becomes increasingly popular as a low-carbon mode of transportation, the e-bike trend is gaining momentum. However, if you have longer distances to cover, riding a bicycle can become quite strenuous.That's where the KN Bottle Battery e bike kit comes in handy by providing electric assista...
  • How to Travel and Have Fun During the Holiday?

    October 1st is China's National Day, which is approaching soon. Have you decided where to go for the long holiday? We all know that one of the biggest annoyances during travel is getting stuck in traffic, which can ruin the vacation mood.Cycling, on the other hand, allows you to avoid congested road...
  • Why do more people choose electric assist conversion kit instead of buying electric bicycles directly?

    With the increasing environmental awareness and worsening urban traffic congestion, electric assist bicycles have become a popular mode of transportation for the general public. Compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles, electric assist bicycles not only have environmental advantages such as zer...
  • How to read motor parameters when convert bike to electric!

    Electric power-assisted bicycles are not a new technology. The development of electric power-assisted bicycles can be traced back to the 1950s. However, at that time, due to technological limitations, these vehicles had short battery life and limited range, which could not meet the needs of consumer...
  • If you want to modify your electric-assist bicycle, how do you look at the battery parameters?

    If the motor is the soul of an electric-assist bicycle, then the battery is its blood. As the energy source for the motor, the bike conversion kit with battery provides power for the electric-assist bicycle to operate smoothly. Factors such as battery capacity, range, voltage, lifespan, cycle life, ...
  • Do you consider the parameters of the controller when modifying the electric assist system?

    The controller in an electric assist motor for bicycle typically refers to the control unit of the electric assist system. It usually includes a control chip, battery management circuit, and sensors that detect the rider's force and speed, and adjust the motor's speed and provide the appropriate lev...