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  • How to turn your old bike into an electric bike scientifically?

    As one of the three major items in the 1960s and 1970s, bicycles played an important role in people's lives and have been popularized in most households. With the development of the economy, the appearance of electric bicycle wheel has provided many conveniences for commuting, and bicycles have grad...
  • Turn your old bike into a super cool electric bike now!

    LvBu electric bike conversion kit is an innovative product designed for cycling enthusiasts. It can convert a traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle wheel, providing users with a more convenient riding experience. Whether you are commuting to work or leisurely riding at weekends, LvB...
  • Do you know how to convert a normal bicycle to an intelligent ebike?

    The popularity of electric bike conversion kit has also made a group of modifiers appear because the prices of most electric power assist vehicles are not cheap, and modification can save half of the cost, allowing people to experience the fun of electric bike wheel with less money.However, as we al...
  • Things you don’t know about lithium-ion battery electric bikes

    In 1993, the first lithium-ion battery electric bike was launched in Japan. As the birthplace of electric bikes, electric bikes have enjoyed a high popularity in Japan. After the appearance of lithium-ion battery electric bikes, it was popular at home and abroad as well. Although electric bikes...
  • Have you heard these e-bikes?

    Have you heard these e-bikes?The data shows that in 2021, the sales of electric-assisted bicycles in Europe have exceeded 5 million. It is expected that by 2025, the penetration rate of electric-assisted bicycles in Europe will reach 50%, and sales will exceed 10 million. In such a trend, major luxu...
  • How to ride more easily and effortlessly?

    How to ride more easily and effortlessly?1.Carry out training within the strength that your body can adapt to.Don't ride too far at a time,step by step,and slowly exercise your riding ability.2.Adjust the cadence appropriately.The cadence during riding refers to the number of pedal cycles in one min...
  • What kind of experience is if the ordinary bicycle add an ebike conversion kit?

    LVBU micro-power system ebike conversion kit, coupled with our unique design, exclusive wireless Bluetooth 5.0, APP control, will make you from not liking to really fall in love with riding from the first sight to bring you unlimited fun.And what’s the reason???First,the installation is&nb...
  • Lvbu Ebike Conversion Kit--Simple Unique&Stylish

    How long does it take to convert a bike to an electric bike?The actual cost to convert a bike to electric varies a good bit. It depends on the brand you choose, how powerful the motor you choose is, what type of battery you get, and a few other important specifications.Lvbu ebike conversion kits onl...
  • What is the difference between all in one wheel series and battery separated series?

    The most obvious difference is the all in one wheel has built-in battery while the separate model has the external battery. [All in one series] integrate the battery, motor, and control module all inside the wheel. You don’t need to connect any able or external sensor at all. The all in on...
  • How to choose a electric bike conversion kit?

    What are the necessary elements to choose a bike kit?No1. Lvbu ebike kit is super easy to install, There is no cable or less cables than the other kits. Other ebike conversion kits with many wires and complicated installation, which takes a long time to install.No.2 We used High-speed brushless moto...