Lvbu wheel-Spring is also a romance from afar

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Lvbu wheel-Spring is also a romance from afar

source:facebook 04-12

Spring is coming, just want to go on a purposeless trip, basking in the sun and stay in a quiet and slow place with flowers and seas and doing nothing. Busy work, trivial daily life, and fast-paced life make the original life dull. It is a enjoyable things to take a cycling trip to view the scenery on the way and enjoy yourself in the spring.

Lvbu wheel is equipped with 250w and 350w high-speed brushless motor, with the small size, light weight, high efficiency, stable operation, and no reluctance. If you feel tired after riding for a long time , you can press the throttle to realize a Invigorating ride easily. The assist range is from 30 kilometers to 120 kilometers, and different models are available for you to choose. At the same time, it also equipped with wireless Bluetooth , APP to adjust the assist mode and assist level, making riding happier.

Our kit also has anti-theft tracking function. If your bicycle is stolen while outdoor traveling , you can register and lock the bicycle. After connecting the app to the wheel, the app will immediately report the location of the thief and notify the thief to return your bicycle, so you don't have to worry about the bicycle being stolen, making riding more disburden.

Lvbu wheel can also set the speed limit function and overspeed alarm function according to your own needs. If the speed exceeds the set value, the motor will automatically stop assist and will have an alarm to remind you, make riding more safer.

IP65 waterproof performance, even in raining days, there is no need to worry about water entering the motor, which solves all accidents on the road and makes riding more fun.
In the Rebirth season , come on a trip and feel the different brought by spring.