Bluetooth Display- A Multifunctional Display

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Bluetooth Display- A Multifunctional Display

source:facebook 05-14

Lvbu wheel can not only be connected with a mobile phone APP, but also equipped with a Bluetooth Display. Which installed on the handle bar to record speed, mileage and other riding data.

The shape of wireless display is an LCD screen with three buttons. The three buttons have different functions. Press the middle button three times to see the Bluetooth connection page, use the up and down buttons to find the corresponding Bluetooth address then connect it, then you can see some riding data, and you can adjust the level of assistance.

Other part is the throttle. The Bluetooth display can be used to view and set some riding data, and it can also be used as a throttle for adjusting speed.

The Bluetooth display with wireless can replace the mobile phone APP and replace the most commonly used functions in the APP: find and bind wheels, calibrate the gyroscope, adjust the auxiliary level, view riding data, etc.
If it is not used for a long time, we recommend charging the Wireless Bluetooth display every 3 months to ensure that the Bluetooth display keep a good service life.
Our Bluetooth Display is also wireless,with small size, full-featured, and can also be used as a throttle, which is convenient and fast.