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Easy Riding-Happy Life

source:Lvbu Tech 02-11

Electric bikes are becoming more accessible and affordable because the technological advancements and growing interest in alternative modes of transportation. But don’t have e-bike cheaper than the bike you already have, and everyday riders will love this easy-to-install, lightweight e-bike conversion kit. It is compatible with most mountain, road, hybrid and stride bikes.

Ride with pedal assist or throttle for a long touring. Commuters, long distance traveler and mountain bikers can ride at speeds of up to 30km/h. The app will tell you how much battery level you have left, the speed and mileage you have riding, making your ride easier without feeling like you're riding a bulky e-bike.

Simple and convenient, convenient and fast, Lvbu ebike kit provides a high-quality electric system, matched with the user's high-quality bicycle, and will never let you down when using it.

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