Lvbu BZ series electric bike conversion kit--let you enjoy long distance riding

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Lvbu BZ series electric bike conversion kit--let you enjoy long distance riding

source:Lvbu Tech 04-03

Bicycle as a means of transportation is both environmentally friendly and healthy. If you want a bicycle as a short or long distance transportation tool, further extending its range, switching to electric-assisted bikes is a good solution. Recently, Lvbu Technology has developed a high endurance BZ series ebike conversion kit, claiming that it can be used as a long-distance riding tool by using the new electric bike conversion kit, which can be installed on any bicycle.

The design of the BZ series is equipped with a rear rack that houses a high-performance lithium-ion battery pack with 18650 power lithium batteries that provide a higher consistency, larger energy density, and faster charging and discharging performance than other products in the same category. Even after more than 1000 charge and discharge cycles, it still has 80% of its battery capacity, and its service life can reach up to nine years.

The technology research and development department of Lvbu company has added the design of intelligent tail lights for the BZ series front/rear wheel ebike kit. According to the position changes feedback from the sensors, the lights can be turned on intelligently when steering and braking, so that the travel becomes more secure, scientific and intelligent.
Although the maximum speed of the BZ series can reach 32 km/h, the speed limit for electric bicycles in our country is not allowed to exceed 25 km/h. Therefore, the speed limit can be set through an app to ensure convenient travel in every aspect.

The biggest highlight of the BZ series front/rear electric bike wheel is the ability to achieve long-distance riding, with a maximum assisted riding range of up to 180 kilometers, which can meet the different needs of various riders. Whether it is for daily commuting or for a spontaneous trip, the BZ series can provide you with the assistance you need to make your riding experience enjoyable and fulfilling.