How to make the bike ride less strenuous?

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How to make the bike ride less strenuous?

source:Lvbu Tech 04-17

Do you find it exhausting to ride a bike? Here are several possible reasons:

1.Low tire pressure: Low tire pressure is one of the factors that make cycling challenging. The tire pressure for road bikes ranges from 80-130psi, while mountain bike tires require 30-90psi, and hybrid bike tires need 40-80psi. Before biking, check if the tires have enough air or if they are leaking. Simply adding air can solve this problem.

2.Chain stiffness: Check if the chain has rusted or accumulated too much dirt and oil. If so, clean it thoroughly and lubricate it with chain oil for smoother operation.

3.Adjusting brakes and gear system: Before biking, ensure the brakes are appropriately adjusted without any friction. Poor brake and gear adjustment may also cause difficulties. In addition, learn to adjust the gear system during your ride. Generally, a larger wheel with a smaller gear ratio provides greater speed. And when it comes to climbing, you can use a small disc with a large flywheel to ride with less effort.

If you have done all of the above, but still feel like you can't pedal for long, then it may be due to your physical fitness. Try to install a 3-minute assistive conversion kit from Lvbu Tech on your bicycle to convert bike to electric bike. Using electric assistance while riding can compensate for lack of physical strength without affecting your exercise routine. This KF best ebike conversion kit has a sleek design and consists of a motor wheel, water bottle battery, and controller. It is easy to install in just three minutes, even for those with poor DIY skills. After installation, the appearance is similar to that of a regular bicycle and does not have too many wires, making it simple yet sophisticated.

Before riding, simply link the wheel to the Lvbu Micro Power APP via Bluetooth 5.0, where you can set parameters such as weight, load, and speed limit. During the ride, the system collects riding data through sensors in the controller and outputs appropriate assistance through big data analysis, making it more scientifically intelligent. Considering that some beginners may not have a concept of the level of assistance required during riding, the system also thoughtfully presets five different assistance modes including commuting, exercise, leisure, climbing, and manual. Each mode has a fixed curve of assistance changes, matching most riding scenarios in daily life and allowing beginner riders to gradually grasp the rhythm of riding and make it easier for them.

If you often find cycling tiring, why not give the Lvbu electric mountain bike kit a try?