Let cycling save you from the emptiness of your spiritual world!

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Let cycling save you from the emptiness of your spiritual world!

source:Lvbu Tech 04-18

The highly developed material civilization in modern society has given us unprecedented physical enjoyment, exquisite delicacies, luxurious clothing, and extravagant houses and cars, all of which can be easily obtained if you have the economic power. Of course, for most people, even if they cannot reach such a luxurious level, pursuing delicious food and fashion, having a modernly decorated warm home and an affordable car seems to be an achievable goal, thanks to the increase in social productivity that enables us to trade less physical labor for a higher quality of life.

However, the development of things always has two sides. When filling our stomachs with food and keeping ourselves warm is no longer our primary concern, more and more diseases become major obstacles to our pursuit of a better life! Many of these illnesses are caused by abundant diets and leisurely lifestyles. At the same time, a better life comes at a faster pace, which brings greater pressure. Under the combined effects of immense survival pressure and irrational habits in life, the mental health of modern people has also become precarious, where depression is one of them.

According to data from the world health organization, one million people worldwide die each year due to suicide caused by depression, and there are currently 90 million depression patients in China. The organization predicts that depression will become the second-largest disease after cardiovascular disease by 2020.

Physical diseases often have clear symptoms of discomfort, but mental illnesses are easily overlooked, yet their harm is equally significant. Such notable examples include depression that ended the lives of legendary pop star Leslie Cheung, great writer Hemingway, and genius painter Vincent van Gogh. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to participate in cycling activities! If we do not have the choice to live without stress, at least we can choose to release it through cycling to save our mental state!

Why does cycling have such a good effect on preventing and treating depression?

When riding a bicycle, the internal stress can be relieved through energy consumption, which serves to clean up negative energy and relax the mood.

When riding a bike, the body releases a substance called "brain-derived neurotrophic factor" (bdnf), which not only has the effect of protecting and repairing memory neurons but also improves our overall mood. At the same time, when cycling, the brain releases "endorphins," which have similar effects as bdnf, it can reduce pain and discomfort, making people feel excited and happy.

Riding bicycles can help expand your social circle, meet more cycling enthusiasts, and engage in more communication. This has a positive effect on helping people relieve their emotions and divert their attention.

Cycling can change your lifestyle. The biggest difference between cycling and gym exercises is that cycling is a stimulating and outdoor activity. When you choose to ride, it means you are willing to change the current situation, go out and see different scenery. A positive lifestyle is the key weapon to defeat depression, and a sports bicycle may be the key to unlocking it.

If you are new to exercise, it is recommended that you refrain from strenuous exercise to avoid overloading your body. You can consider installing a Lvbu front wheel electric bike kit. When you are physically tired, you can use electric power to help you exercise more easily and happily.

This KF bottle series of Lvbu wheel is suitable for most cycling scenes in daily life. It only takes 3 minutes to install on ordinary bicycles. Most bicycles in the market can be modified by replacing the original front wheel with Lvbu motor wheel, installing the bottle controller, and inserting the bottle battery. The controller is designed at the bottom of the bottle bracket, with the design of a buckle. With the key, the bottle battery is tightly locked. It is also very stable when riding. The bottle battery looks nice and stylish, and without too much wiring, the modified bike looks the same as before.

In particular, the Lvbu micro power system carried by the kit gives new vitality to the assisted riding. Riders can connect the mobile phone APP to the wheel through Bluetooth 5.0. The system captures riders' riding posture and data through the built-in sensor of the controller. Through big data algorithm, matched power is scientifically output, and there are 5 preset intelligent power modes including commuting, leisure, exercise, manual and climbing. Choose the right mode according to the riding scene, which is quite humanized. With it, cycling relieves pressure and at the same time, you don't have to worry about physical exhaustion. You can open the power to help you anytime and anywhere, making cycling happier and life more exciting.

In summary, abundant material life is not entirely happiness. Even successful and wealthy people cannot enjoy their wealth without proper exercise and strong physical health. Numerous media reports have published stories of how cycling treats depression patients. Many scientific research reports have also verified the beneficial therapeutic effects of cycling for depression patients. As long as you are willing to try cycling activities, releasing stress and embracing health will not be just a dream!