Ride the Future Now with our Ebike Conversion Kits!

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Ride the Future Now with our Ebike Conversion Kits!

source:Lvbu Tech 04-19

Bicycles used to be the simplest and most convenient means of transportation. With the development of society, it has gradually been replaced by various vehicles, but it has not disappeared from people's sight until now.

Today, many people still like bicycles. Although they no longer use them as a means of transportation, they are still a good fitness method. Every weekend or holiday, there will be many bicycle enthusiasts who put on their outfits and ride their beloved bicycles for long-distance travel. Even some elderly people, in groups of three or five, although their hair is white, their enthusiasm is still as strong as ever!

The bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome cardiovascular problems. More than half of the world's population dies from heart disease. Riding a bicycle can not only compress blood flow through leg exercise but also draw blood back to the heart from the peripheral blood vessels, while strengthening microvascular tissue, this is called "collateral circulation". The main advantage is to strengthen blood vessel function, which can make you immune to aging and achieve the effect of eternal youth.

Bike riding can also prevent hypertension and sometimes be more effective than medication. It can also prevent obesity, arteriosclerosis, and strengthen bones. Cycling allows you to maintain your health without using drugs and without any harm.

Habitual cycling may also expand your heart. Otherwise, the blood vessels become narrower and the heart becomes more degraded. In old age, you will experience the troubles it brings. Then you will find that cycling is so perfect.

bicycles are tools for weight loss. According to statistics, a person weighing 75 kilograms can lose half a kilogram of weight when riding 73 miles at a speed of 9 and a half miles per hour, but this must be done persistently every day.

In fact, because cycling compresses blood vessels and speeds up blood circulation, the brain absorbs more oxygen and you inhale more fresh air. After riding for a while, you will feel clearer.

Cycling not only helps to lose weight but also makes your figure more well-proportioned and attractive. People who exercise and diet at the same time have better figures than those who only rely on dieting. Appropriate exercise can secrete a hormone that makes you open-minded and mentally happy. Riding this kind of two-wheeled pedal bike powered by body strength, you will feel very free and extremely happy. It is not only a weight loss exercise but also a joyful release of the soul.

If you want to make more effective use of your bike, why not try installing the Lvbu ebike conversion kit with battery?  The Lvbu Wheel KF series 3 Minutes mountain bike electric conversion kit can transform your bike into an ebike in just three minutes by replacing the front wheel with a Lvbu motorized wheel, installing the controller bracket and water bottle battery.  There are no extra wires, the accessories are streamlined, and the appearance is simple, making installation easy and allowing more riders to experience the joy of diy electric bike conversion.

Lvbu Technology has developed a micro power system after years of research and development. This system is not only suitable for enthusiasts who enjoy healthy cycling exercises but also for office workers commuting to work. Because the system not only provides a mode for healthy cycling exercise but also a mode for commuting cycling. In the commuting mode, the system provides a larger assistance ratio, so there will be no worries about physical exhaustion due to long distances during commuting, making the entire cycling process easy and enjoyable. Moreover, the system also includes leisure mode and manual mode. Leisure mode not only avoids discomfort brought by cyclists who have just started cycling but also allows for a better choice when cycling for leisure and entertainment. Because the assistance throughout lies between exercise and commuting, it is perfect for long-distance outings. In manual mode, users can adjust the assistance ratio according to their own riding experience, achieving the desired cycling experience.

Everyone knows that exercise can bring positive effects. With our best powerful and efficient electric bike conversion kit, you can enjoy longer periods of exercise and create a more positive, healthier lifestyle!