What do i need to prepare for a long-distance cycling trip?

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What do i need to prepare for a long-distance cycling trip?

source:Lvbu Tech 05-04

I believe every cyclist has a dream of riding to the ends of the earth, which is a kind of faith, an unknown poem and a faraway place. However, long-distance cycling, unlike daily cycling, involves more unknowns and challenges, so it is even more important to plan ahead. So, what do you need to prepare for long-distance cycling?

First and foremost, after determining your destination, you must choose your mount. When embarking on a long-distance ride, consider the load-carrying capacity and opt for a touring or mountain bike. Next, plan your route according to time, and also plan your daily riding route based on your personal cycling ability. Then comes the additional equipment, including two spare tires, tire levers, ample water, power banks, charging cables, appropriate food, raincoats, front and rear lights, helmets, face masks, and cycling pants.

Of course, physical fitness is especially important; it's no use having gear and gadgets when physically unable to cycle for several dozen kilometres and exhausted. For riders with average stamina/physical fitness, the BZ intelligent assistive modification kit from Lvbu electric bike wheel is recommended. It can turn any bike into an ebike without too much effort. Simply replace the original wheel with a brushless hub motor wheel, and install a rear rack battery, and the kit can provide up to 180km of assistance/extended range. This bike will quickly turn into one that functions as a hybrid system driven by human effort, electric power, and assisted power whenever needed, making a big difference during extended trips when fitness levels decline.

The end of the electric bike kit lithium battery also features an intelligent taillight that illuminates when braking and turning. This makes night riding safer when only relying on light.

You can even pair it with a bluetooth odometer to adjust the assist ratio using the + and - buttons while cycling. The higher the number, the greater the assistance and the easier your pedalling. Additionally, you can start pure electric mode without pedalling at all.

This is a waterproof ebike kit with an IP65 rating, making it suitable for cycling on rainy days. Of course, for safety reasons, it is still recommended not to ride in the rain.

There are certain risks involved with long-distance cycling; Therefore, prior research and workout plans are crucial. Take each day's journey slowly, do not push yourself too hard and keep in touch with friends and family - and why not consider bringing along a Lvbu electric bike conversion kit? Come and DIY ebike to make it more suitable for long trips. Wishing all cycling enthusiasts a happy journey!