Start cycling now to reduce the risk of worsening heart disease!

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Start cycling now to reduce the risk of worsening heart disease!

source:Lvbu Tech 04-29

As we all know, people with heart disease should avoid significant emotional fluctuations and strenuous exercise. Due to fear of sudden health issues, most heart disease patients do not engage in physical activity. However, two studies published in Circulation and the American Heart Association Journal, respectively, suggest that cycling for one hour per week can effectively reduce the risk of heart attacks.

The first study, lasting over 20 years, was conducted by experts from the University of Southern Denmark, surveying 45,000 Danish citizens. The study found that regular cycling lowered the rate of heart attacks by 11% to 18%. Among 2,892 cases of heart disease incidents, early cycling exercise could have avoided 7% of the incidents. Therefore, cycling for at least 1 hour per week can effectively reduce the risk of heart attacks. Anders Grontved, the lead author of the study, stated that cycling as a recreational activity or a means of commuting is beneficial to physical and mental health.

The second study, lasting 10 years, surveyed 20,000 Swedish citizens who had an average age of 43 years old. The study found that bike commuters had lower rates of diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle than those using other modes of transportation. Compared to those who used other modes of transportation, bike commuters had lower probabilities of developing obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes by 39%, 11%, and 18%, respectively. Paul Franks, the lead author of the study, stated that switching to bikes as a mode of transportation not only meant increasing moderate intensity exercise but also changing sedentary lifestyles, such as prolonged car or bus rides.

For heart disease patients and those who live sedentary lifestyles, cycling can be an effective way to exercise. In addition to traditional bicycles, many electric bike conversion kits are available, allowing regular bikes to be easily upgraded to e-bikes or electric assist bikes. The Lvbu BT series best electric kit for bicycle is an electric assist bike kit designed with a battery in the bicycle bag. It can upgrade ordinary bikes to electric bikes effortlessly and is equipped with the Lvbu Micro Power System, allowing bicycles to better cater to individual needs in daily life and adapt to more riding scenarios.

For most people, a daily bike must be practical and have strong functionality and efficiency. However, traditional bikes often fall short when it comes to long distances or uphill riding. Therefore, the Lvbu BT series ebike conversion kit improves regular bikes by upgrading to electric-assist bikes, a simple process that involves only replacing the bicycle wheel with a brushless hub motor wheel, installing a controller under the frame, and installing a battery pack under the bike seat.

An essential detail worth mentioning is that the electric bike wheel kit comes with the Lvbu Micro Power App, which can connect to the electric bike wheel kit through Bluetooth 5.0. In the app's home page, real-time riding data such as mileage, speed, and power can be displayed. Moreover, riders can also set variables such as weight, load, speed limit, and overrun reporting, upgrade the firmware, etc. The system also has five preset intelligent assist modes for commute, exercise, leisure, manual, and climbing, which are intelligent and user-friendly.

The Lvbu BT series best front wheel ebike conversion kit combines practicality and functionality while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance with no unnecessary wiring. The configuration of a high-speed brushless permanent magnet motor18650 automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries, and an ARM Cortex-M3 master chip controller gives new vitality to bicycles with just three streamlined components.

Overall, whether it is a traditional bike or an e-bike, cycling for at least one hour per week has significant health benefits. For heart disease patients and those who live sedentary lifestyles, cycling can be a safe, moderate, and convenient way to exercise.